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01-10-2005, 11:09 AM
here is the list for the 1000 drawing subjects i was talking about in the drawing ideas thread in the members lounge.... its still not complete.... i have been compiling this over the years.... and if u feel that u have a neat or interesting addition(s) feel free to post them....

the 1000 List

1. mountain goat
2. solar eclipse
3. partly collapsed building
6 trees planted in rocks
7 tv
8 cars
9 trucks
10 people dancing
11 people running
12 people riding horses
13 horses riding in a trailer
14 trailers carrying logs of wood
15 logs on fire
16 fire burning behind a mountain
17 a mountain with snow
18 a mountain with a waterfall
19 a waterfall with burning logs falling off
20 a waterfall crashing on the rocks below
22 a sink with water overflowing
23 fish swiming
24 people swiming
25 elephants swiming
26 anphibians coming out of water
27 lizards eating eggs
28 eggs hatching
29 egg.
30 cubes. spheres..
31 prymids(icantspell)
32 king tut
33 a sunset
34 a sunrise
35 a clouded sun
36 a freeway
37 a street
38 a city
39 a city in the distance
40 a distant planet
41 a shipwrek
42 a oilspill
43 a beach
44 a beach with oilspill
45 kids playing at a beach
46 boats
47 big boats
48 small boats
49 a birds eye view of people
50 peoples view of a bird
51 a penguin
52 an artic city
53 a humid city
54 a dry city
55 a flooded city
56 a person crying
57 a person falling
58 a woman looking in a mirror
59 a fat guy looking in a mirror
60 a torn cloth
61. Jar of marbles
62. Flying
63. Scene from the zoo
64. homeless man
65. business man
66. baseball player
67. James Bond
68. flowers
69. running for your life
70. a carpenter's drawer
71. crowd attending a speech
72. band on stage
73. waterfall
74. old ruins
75. sunken ship underwater
76. bar brawl
77. haunted wood
78. old factory
79. a cello player practicing
80. man or woman in bathtub
81. manager of a big company
82. a lighthouse
83. car race
84. scene under a bridge
85. ninja training dojo
86. young girl reading a book
87. farmer at work
88. captain in submarine
89. running man
90. musketeer swordplay scene
91. motorcycle driver
92. Old woman with cat
93. small woodhouse near a lake
94. charging knights on horse
95. policeman
96. Family looking at stars
98. burning house
99. forgotten temple in jungle
100. settlers w/ wagons

101. japanese garden
102. large dead spider on a highway
103. mountain of unwashed dishes
104. sword stuck in a tree trunk
105. empty corner
106. flock of small birds chasing a big bird
107. hanged barbie-doll
108. cat sleeping in a boat
109. ugly dog in a empty garage
110. exploded beer can
111. space ship beaming up a moose at night
112. Rubik's cube with some parts fallen off
113. overflowing fountain on a stone floor
114. dried fish head
115. sad gardener in a cape
116. terrified geek reading a newspaper
117. radio host making funny noises
118. bartender reaching for a shotgun
119. soldier with an umbrella
120. santa claus jumping of a cliff
121. priest digging a foxhole
122. Ballet Midgets.
123. Ballet midgets with mullets.
124. Mullets.
125. Bestiality.
126. Whiskey.
127. Radiation.
128. Naked chicks
129. Failure.
130. Hairy Greek guys.
131. Hairy Gay Guys.
132. Hairy Gay Greek Guys.
133. Hairy Gay Greek Women. (oi.)
134. Chicks with dicks.
135. The Houston 620.
136. Sex Court with Judge Julie.
137. Judge Judy.
138. Bull from Night Court.
139. The episode of Night Court that had Wile E. Coyote and The Roadrunner. 140. The episode of Who's The Boss where Tony sees Angela in the shower.
141. The crazy opening sequence of The Cosby Show.
142. Mr. T.
143. Pee Wee Herman's dual appeal.
144. The fact that the Golden Girls were in no way Golden. And hardly Girls, at that.
145. My pants.
146. Rasta dudes.
147. Ganja.
148. Pot.
149. Dope.
150. Weed.
151. Bud.
152. Doobies.
153. Reefer.
154. Goofball.
155. Smack.
156. Other fun drugs euphamisms.
157. The pure goodness of Maxim.
158. Stippers.
159. Exploitation.
160. Satanic bands that aren't really Satanic.
161. Death metal.
162. Synth-pop.
163. Christian music laced with Satanic messages.
164. The Who.
165. Dylan Thomas.
166. Poetry.
168. Hot Bosnian chicks who are, unfortunately, heroin addicts.
169. 69ing.
170. Lesbians with mullets.
171. Two dragons in combat
172. Steamy alien jungle
173. Chinese woman combing her hair
174. A godess
175. Close up of two mouths kissing
176. Buddhist monk in orange robe
177. A scene from your dream last night
188. The Eiffeltower at night
179. A strange miniature creature crawling out of a filled wineglass.
180. Night forest with trees limbs like reaching arms.
181. A shrunken head in a container of Chinese food takeout.
182. Log cabin in the snow (outside view)
183. Log cabin in the snow (inside view)
184. George W. Bush purchasing a 3 Billion dollar military airplane.
185. A Robotic Dog.
186. A levitating buisnessman.
187. A coin, with an engraving of yourself on it
188. A person being used as a table.
189. Fill the canvas with your favorite color at the moment. Make a smaller rectangle filled with your least favorite color at the moment
190. kraken - the ship-eating giant squid
191. unicorn
192. vast corn field
193. rhinoceros & hippopotamus standing in mud
194. violin player on stage
195. green anaconda
196. potatoes growing out of the fridge (it ain't pretty, i'm telling you)
197. helicopter swarm
198. dark side of the moon
199. ice hockey goalie
200. tool shed

201. village built on treetops
202. hot dog with loads of mustard
203. north pole
204. shaman wearing wolf skin & magical items
205. bee nest
206. axe-wielding ghost
207. bottle half-buried in sand
208. car mechanic
209. fuel station
210. birthday cake
211. your nation's flag
212. castle ruins
213. meteorite crater
214. rope bridge
215. church
216. green house
217. police officer
218. girl juggling oranges
219. bank vault
220. frozen zeppelin
221. cat chasing mouse
222. wooden airplane
223. living sketchbook
224. old lady smoking
225. fisherman reeling a shoe
226. apple tree growing skulls instead
227. monorail
228. cemetery
229. clown
230. A computer showing The Blue Screen of Death
231. Darth Maul
232. A Coke bottle
233. A hot-dog
234. An ancient book
235. A snowman
236. A melted snowman
237. Mars
238. A rusty old carwreck
239. A sunken galleon
240. A submarine (under water, of course!)
241. Earth in 500 years
242. A Cro Magnon-man
243. Godzilla eating Barney
244. An umber hulk (Dungeons and dragons)
245. A dragon!!
246. The marine from Starcraft
247. Helena Christensen
248. A man taking a bicycle-ride
249. A man taking a bicycle
250. The number "250"
251. destroyed outpost on Pluto (sci-fi)
252. electric chair
253. underwater scene of a Statue of Liberty
254. badly struck (twisted) nails in a two-by-four
255. police car crushed under a massive letter 'W'
256. mushroom cloud
257. burning 'z'-shaped tetris block
258. Jesus wearing a Nike's t-shirt
259. An owl.
260. A close-up of a redwood deck.
261. Godzilla.
262. A gecko.
263. A rose stone.
264. Cow-themed coffee cup filled with color pencils.
265. An octopus.
266. And Master of the Universe...
267. Winnie the Pooh.
268. a pair of Elvis' sunglasses
269. not painting a babe with a gun
270. Wine Glass
271. The moon close up
272. a skeleton
273. various anatomy hands feet eyes body =)
274. cruise ship
275. a bed
276. couche or sofa
277. rug
278. curtains
279. volcano
280. 7 wonders of the world..
281. clouds
282. paint a song
283. A plate of Sushi
284. Waking up in the summer morning
286. A beautiful corpse
286. Playing piano in the dark
287. Sunken city of R'lyeh
288. Nightclub scene
289. Astral traveling (Out of Body Experience)
300. Permian landscape

01-10-2005, 11:11 AM
301.A 3-legged rhino
302.Siamese twins joined at the head
303.close up of the back of a old womans wrinkly neck, so close people cant tell what it really is
304.medievil torture devices(ie: iron maidens,etc...)
305.A man with his hands nailed to his knees, tied to a chair about to fall out of a moving van on a rainy night
306.old DiVinci style contraptions
307.paint a group of boring objects.
308.paint something you see everyday
309.paint a party scene
310.paint something delicious
311.cut-up pieces of fruit
312.plate with food on it
313.package of candy
314.set a table with afternoon light hitting it
315.closeup of a flower
316.paint imaginary flowers
317.paint some dried flowers
318.paint a bunch of objects that are the same color
319.paint a still-life in complementary colors
320.paint a still-life with a variety of round objects.
321.compose a still-life with dynamic triangle composition
322.paint a still life with three or fewer objects
323.combine mechanical and organic elements
324.paint a picture with animal, vegetable and mineral
325.paint objects that represent a season of the year.
326. paint three objects from your childhood
327.combine objects that make you laugh
328.paint the shadows cast by a machine
329.paint a weird musical instrument
330.paint a family member
331.paint a crowd of people
332.paint a figure by candlelight
333.paint an animal in human costume
334.paint a season of the year
335.paint a landscape view with no specific details
336.paint early morning fog
337.paint the pattern of a city skyline or series of rooftops
338.paint an architectural detail
339.paint a sidewalk scene with loose strokes to create movement
340.paint a sign on a building
341.develop a painting with colors you never use.
342. dramatically light a figure from below.
343.the dead
344.draw yousrelf being 66 years old
345.your dreamhouse
346.a happy graveyard
347. Bert and Earnie
348. View out side your window
349. SOme kind scifi fat man
350. YOur fear
351. Ballet
352. Foreign country scene
353. Lava Lamps
354. Twilight zone
355. YOur dream Hamburger
356. Medical Illustration
357. Fat Kun Fu ninja
358. Michael Jackson
359. A MOUTH full of braces
360. A starship exploding
361. Closeup of the helmet of a lost spacetraveler.
362. A sieged planet
363. A solar eclipse
364. A monk in meditation
365. A broken sword on cloth
366. A tired but happy man
367. An alien
368. A two headed alien
369. Scientist working on a chemical experiment
370. An army on a hill
371. A droid army
372. A gun and a flower
373. A person eating
374. A ship sailing through a storm
375. The same ship after the storm
376. Entrance to Valhala
377. Roman market
378. Greek comedy
379. Sight from the tower of a castle
380. A captain of a starship
381. A spaceport
382. A shuttle
383. A satellite
384. A photographer
385. A fashion designer
386. A post apocalyptic church
387. A passenger's view of the spaceship he's travelling in.
388. Asterix village
389. A white dragon
390. A fighter launching a missile
391. A person playing with his/her dog
392. A person playing with his/her cat
393. Some nuns with rocketlauncher
395 a secret agent
396 mars colony
397 caravan in sandstorm
398 typical street in chicago 1930
399 rainy night in tokyo
400 prehistoric landscape w/ dinosaurs

401 a roman centurio
402 a high tech car
403 time machine w/ pilot
404 a family of mutants
405 wood of giant meat eating plants
406 landscape 'after the bomb'
407 astronauts in space shuttle
408 gorillas in jungle
409 haunted castle
410 orpheus walking down to hades
411 people waiting in a room
412 opera house w/ people
413 a shark
414 nest of spiders
415 old books, candle and skull
416 lord of the underworld
417 jellyfish
418 a scene from the olympic summer games
419 strange plant on an alien planet
420 factory robot assembling artficial humans
421 cloning device
422 desert landscape w/ tents
423 old dirty jeep
424 rocket taking off
425 really evil face
426 WW2 dogfight over britain
427 a fancy hotel room
428 king and queen on throne
429 gothic cathedral
430 chair made out of bones
431 inside of a parking house
432 classic horror movie scene
433 60's pub w/ people
434 couple kissing
435 zeppelin over mountains
436 chemical laboratory w/ scientists
437 a big library
438 marvel hero fighting super villain
439 a scarred face
450 old train
451 scene from american civil war
452 submarine fighting w/ giant squid
453 titanic hitting ice berg
454 scene under the bed
455 a plate of food
456 giant commerce building
457 'when worlds collide'
458 oldtimer w/ driver
459 a modern jetplane taking off
460 inside a airport
461 high heel shoe
462 politican at election
463 boxer training
464 big dogs casing a child
465 swarm of fishes
466 old guitar
467 keys on a table
468 stylish lamp
469 freak
470 something cute and wooly
471 something evil and horny
472 prisoner fleeing from jail
473 city under artillery fire
474 bodybuilder
475 scene from a fashion show
476 old sick man in hospital bed
477 3 heroes
478 train bridge over a river
479 landscape in asia
480 woman making her make up infront of a mirror
481 irish pub
482 pile of torn dolls
483 scene in the severs
484 mountain w/ snow
485 lizard on stone
486 space station near sun
487 rock climber
488 someone totally unimportant
489 inside of the heart
490 old man cutting grass
491 really dirty kitchen
492 futuristic tank w/ soldiers
493 ship being repaired
494 glass of water
495 chinese wall
496 realistic alien spaceship
497 mafia meeting
498 self portrait
499 pirate ship
500 llama

501. gasmasked fellow
502. some cosmonauts
503. Mech
504. Cthulhu
505. Azathoth
506. Yog-sothoth
509: A lagoon
510: 510 mph
511: "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
512: reflections in the mist
513: an overgrown (with vegetation)civilization
514: drifting
515: the race before dark
516. Lesbians with MULLETS!
517 : oops !
518 : barbarian organ player and his monkey (maybe its not the good word ...)
519 : a mime (mime marceau)
520 : laurel and hardy
521 : x-files
522 : the sixties
523 : genesis
524 : heaven
525: a deaf dog.
526: a rock on steroids.
527: a sea urchin in a schoolbus escaping police forces in the Nevada desert.
528: a guy jumpnig off a building on a busy street
529: hannibal
530: a primary school athletics carnival race
531: skateboarder in mid air trick
532: godzilla and that.. ape thing
533: A Typo Personified
534: Burning Igloo
535: A Sheep with Magical Powers(who seeks cheese at the dead of night) or serious looking underpants gnomes
536: City of Atlantis
537: Satyr
538: Broken Statue
539: Modern day techology in the future (monitor in a junk yard or your cell phone broken and rusty, etc..)
540: Cerberus
541: Woman painting her toenails red
542: The perfect gem
543: Monkey scratching it's head
544: A. Buttle in bed with a mullet-headed lesbian
545: Jezebel - the real Jezebel, not me
546: Cat tails at the edge of a still pond
547: Tornado
548: Blind date from hell
549: Remake of one of your first (and worst) digital paintings
550: A hobbit
551: Child dragging their parent through an amusement park
552: Pack of wolves
553: The hand of a demon holding onto something
554: Necromancer
555: Disfunctional robot
556: Pegasus done without the traditional bird-like (feathered) wings.
557: Medusa
558: Giraffe at a watering hole
559: Circus freak
590: Your favorite character - book, movie, game, whatever
591: Pin-up girl
592: Alien temple
593: A pickle
594: War
595: Pandora's box
596: A bundle of silk crumpled up on the floor
597: Your astrological sign
598: A sacred place
599: Adventurers around a campfire
600: Rapunzel <sp?>

01-10-2005, 11:13 AM
601: A road that leads to nowhere
602: Take 3 or more of the themes listed and combine them into one image (list which ones you picked)
603: A woman with two much make-up on
604: A road-side fruit stand
605: If "you are what you eat" then what would you look like?
606: Coffee
607: Hypnotist
608: A spell being cast
609: A polar bear drawing back a bow
610: A jester
611: Shape-shifter
612: Candle light
613: Masquerade ball
614: A nerd
615: Bruce Lee
616: A magical amulet
617: A quill, a bottle of ink and a scroll on a desk
618: A conductor
619: In the woods with a flashlight
620: Pixie
621: A crazy person
622: Harpy
623: Chimera
624: Lightning
625: An unlikely superhero
625: Field of wild flowers
626: Dusty typewriter
627: A chef
628: A kiss
629: Sleeping Beauty
630: An alien being intravenously fed a glowling green ooze
631: Palm trees
632: Greek ruins
633: A faerie in someone's hand
634: Excalibur
635: Aphrodite/Venus
636: A pair of shoes/boots/sandals/whatever
637. At your own peril
638. To each their own
639. Made in Taiwan!?
640. In grave danger
641. Palace grounds
642. Three's a crowd
643. Old dogs, new tricks
644. Finally! (The moment I've been waiting for)
645. A cabin in a wood
646. Curly girl/woman
647. Sleeper agent
648. Roller Coaster ride
649. Ghost/monster/vampire hunter
650. Big foyer
651. Ant on top of a sugar pile
652. God blowing out a candle
653. a person who opens his chest
654. a surgeon polish his nails
655. Spooge eating an apple
656. a hand with a broken finger
657. Realize Sijun as a real town
658. Flame Thrower under water ..haha, bite on that
659. old grandma in her Speed-boat
660. Pilot accidentally pilot his way to the moon
661. a famous band kissing their instruments
662. floating man above a fire
663. a character with bad anatomy
664. a medieval knight with a camera
665. Car Wrecks
666. Surgery
667. Military Operation
668. Wonder(s) of another world
669. In Vitro
670. Typical Scene From An Action Movie
671. Riot Where You Live
672. Army Of Rats
673. Animal In A Cage
674. Tuned Car
675. Police
676. A Stunt
677. A Surfer
678. A Camel
679. Dunes
680. Girls: Sleepover
681. Interior Decoration
682. Shootout In A Park
683. Person Running Amok
684. Hand covered with chocolate
685. The Devils residence
686. a man with waterfilled cheeks
687. hardrocker headbanging
688. a big Robot made out of wood
689. a Snowboarder in the air
690. a drummer in a band
691. Mother yelling at little boy
692. E.T. in the classical moon shot
693. Dwarf with a tennis racket
694. Dog eating dinner with fork and knife
695. The Addams Family pretending to be Boyzone
696. a beautiful female who is bathing in chocolate
697. Golfer
698. Insect
699. Fairytale Like Scene That You Made Up
700. Soccer Match

701. Female Gladiator
702. Your Futuristic Helicopter Design
703. Surrounded People
704. Floating Vehicle
705. Assembly Line
706. Magic Ritual
707. Girls Who Are Shopping
708. A Basement
709. A Vampire
710. A nomad in a raincoat
711. Crashing plane
712. Timebomb
713. Man eating Crisps
714. Peasant holding a chicken
715. Caveman
716. Shipcaptain's cabin
717. Lamp design
718. Hi-fi set
719. Cosy students attic
720. Your English teacher (from when you had one)
721. Little Birds Being Fed In Nest
722. Girl Working Out
723. One Dolphin Or More
724. Backpack
725. Construction Site
726. Shells
727. Futuristic Hairdo
728. Industrial Building(s)
729. Rural Village With A River Going Through It
730. Many People In An Office Building All Dressed In White
731. Calculator
732. Barbie in her natural habitat
733. Flying hooded girl with really big gun
734. Evil Teletubby landscape
735. A couple on sunny vacation
736. Frog eating a frisbee
737. Dinosaur Hunter with a big sword
738. a head with light just like the pumpkins on Halloween
739. Butterfly with an engine on his or her tail
740. a picture made with impossible perspective
741: Listen to your favourite song and paint what you hear!
742. A Reporter In A Dangerous Situation
743. Fantasy Landscape With Some Creatures
744. Spoof Screenshot Of A Computer Game
745. Seductive Woman In A Carbiolet
746. Saloon
747. Lifeboat Assisting A Ship In Distress
748. A Zebra
749. Mystical Creature With A Tortoise Shell
750: Meeting your own clone
751: Something rotten comes out of your monitor
752. Ugly Duckling
753. Scene From A Violent Disney Movie That Doesn't Exist
754. Poacher(s) At Work
755. Cockpit/Landcape
756. A Stampede
757. Pickup Truck(s)
758. Spoof Magazine Cover
759. A Big Event In An Arena
760: a shirtless guy lifting weights
761: a surfer riding a huge swell
762: a nude beach
763: a crew race
764. The war of the wacom pens
765. Graffiti
766. Crossbred Monster(s)
767. Cowboys And Cattle
768. Girl Packing A Suitcase
769. Cauldron
770 a torn/half burnt note/never delivered letter
771 wildlife/micro-organisms in a puddle
772 a spider curling up its newly cought insect in spiderweb
773 dusty <something> (skateboard, baseball, fishing pole, trophy, ...)
774 the light before you die
775 paracite killing host
776 electronic appliances having a conversation
777 the wrek that footsteps leave
778 a squashed mosquito
779 inside a volcanic mountain
780 your own superhero
781. Team Of Designers Working
782. Flayed
783. Group Of Monsters With Robes
784. Jet Fighter(s)
785. Outside View Of A Fancy Hotel
785. A Really Crowded Beach
786. odd light
787. burning water
788. Inside a computer
789. What you see when you close your eyes
790. flying dust
791: Junkyard Holiday
792: Waking up with body parts of the opposite gender
793: Walking in on yourself doing something embarassing
794: Child eating ice cream
795: Fish jumping out of the water (or falling back in)
796: Bird dying mid flight
797: Avalance
798: Wave
799: Predator in invisible mode (doesn't have to be predator, the invisible effect is what i'm going for in that one)
800: Things you can do with jello, but shouldn't.

801. little girl eating sky
802. Rabbits playing Ping Pong with a carrot
803. chocolate world
804. Heavily Loaded Shelf
805. To girls lost in the forest
806. Semi nude string orchestra players.
807. a teapot with a human nose
808. a bowl full of worms reaching out of it towards an apple
809. paintball deathmatch
810. chameleon standing on a floor covered with m&m's
811. A Geriatric Duck
812. A Fish on a Spoon
813. A Kangaroo using a Zimmerframe
814. A Pipeworks
815. A Beam of Light
816. A Rusted Metal Hand
817. An overgrown cemetary for dogs
818. A glove covered in snow

819 - 1000 (still unfinished....) go for it !!! post your own ideas !!!

01-10-2005, 11:14 AM
now that was long..... cant wait for other people to help me complete this.... hope that it helps...

The Bran Eating Zombie
01-10-2005, 12:51 PM
Why are grown men having sex with little boys on your list?

Nobody should be drawing that.

01-10-2005, 12:51 PM
777. Yeef
778. Not Yeef

01-10-2005, 12:54 PM
819 A guy who spends way too long making a list of every stupid thing that pops into his head.

01-10-2005, 11:21 PM
I think this is a great thread and I was looking for an idea of what to draw when I found it. I did something similar, though it was a much smaller list. I printed out a page of ideas and then cut them up into individual strips of paper and put them in a box labeled "pull art", for when I was out of ideas or could not focus. When I pulled a slip of paper I would have to draw it if I had never drawn that before. After I was done I put the slip of paper back in and repeated. It never really worked to how I wanted it to but this list of things to draw gives a good start to those who wish to do the same. Unfortunately I don't have anything to add to the list at the moment but I will someday.

01-11-2005, 04:56 AM
820- what is reality
821- warped minds

01-11-2005, 05:08 AM
Why are grown men having sex with little boys on your list?

Nobody should be drawing that.

there isnt....
by the way number 819 is great :D

The Bran Eating Zombie
01-11-2005, 07:21 AM
167. Nambla

01-11-2005, 07:27 AM
The trick would be to fit all of those into one drawing.

01-11-2005, 01:31 PM
822.down with american government
823.Donkey theme park
824.drugged up fish
825.A walking blender and his friend egbert the spoon

01-11-2005, 01:35 PM
801. little girl eating sky??
weird . . . oh well

01-11-2005, 02:52 PM
this would probably be a good idea if you had actually considered what was in this list... for example how many people can you imagine wanting to draw chicks with dicks or hot Bosnian chicks who are heroin addicts? I'm sure Mr.T is ashamed to be included in such a list... you should reconsider a large ammount of your list.

01-12-2005, 10:28 AM
first of all this isnt my list...

this is a list that i stumbled on while looking for a drawing ideas list... it happened to contain some good subjects . i even drew about 20 or so pictures off that list. i dont say i like all the subjects in it... i dont say i understand all the subjects in it ( hence the NAMBLA misunderstanding... thanks bran for clearing that up... i didnt even know what the hell did that mean) but for what its worth... edit it out as much as u want..choose the ones that u like.
or dont even do anything about it. i dont care.. i just posted this in the hope of helping anybody out there who's looking for drawing ideas..
if one single person got 1 good idea from this list then thats good enough for me. at least i helped somebody.

on second thought maybe i should have taken more time considering the subjects on the list before posting... ( i do agree that some subjects are either weird/too specific/disgusting/annoying/too silly) but as i said before and i'll say it again... u could at least come out with 300 or even more good subjects out of this list..

i'll even list a few of my favourites

39 a city in the distance
49 a birds eye view of people
85. ninja training dojo
99. forgotten temple in jungle
177. A scene from your dream last night
181. A shrunken head in a container of Chinese food takeout.
191. unicorn
204. shaman wearing wolf skin & magical items
228. cemetery
253. underwater scene of a Statue of Liberty
258. Jesus wearing a Nike's t-shirt
282. paint a song

those are just a few that i happened to like out of the first 300 ... they are not what i consider the best subjects in the list... just my favourites of the first 300... other people may find other subjects that they like better... i was just giving an example... (one more good subject was "wonders of another world" but i cant remember which number was it)