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04-02-2006, 12:41 AM
This is for all of those who suck at and dont want to color your work on a computer, and want to come out with an artzy abstact finish. Im sure many of you know stuff like this but here i go.

Color something with color pencils, or water color, or something similar (note these are all easy to work with to get a simple result, and are cheap). I use water color pencils, if you dont like the pencil the water it up for something different.

Scan up what you got and head into photoshop (I use ps7).

This next step is just me kicking you in the ass to get you experimenting with simple 1 or 2 step mods to what youve got. You can turn out some pretty abstract looking stuff that may become apealing. Save each new one seperatly, dont stop if you find a cool one because the are bound to be "cool ones" that you havent found yet.

Here are many examples of of one piece of work moded with one tool and sometimes gausian blurred to soften It up. Youl notice I did a lot with Colorizing.

Copy of ink lines with water color pencils
http://tk.files.storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4Bts_RUgUY7yopD4LkuUnMYy5MujnKHedqN70erUSA2X7bD 0VkceVdhK8jBsh6UOuRZCs0q2syFWxnrmhmazAJB3vePcBY9kt j9lwpXtq3TYXkRmIdyXL4ie-eOe74aQC9uzaJnIgQIavw

Contrast turned all the way up
http://tk.files.storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4Bts_RUgUY7yopD4LkuUnMYy5MujnKHedqMbtA4qg_Zm4fg sjXCFrNIK7it9OrH7DdiSrsGerSidO2thqrw-uGbSia08yYMLVBsiIPWfF1BO29I7busriMmPSXnIAjuhwCbny4 14WO_zaQ

Messed with Levels
http://tk.files.storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4Bts_RUgUY7yopD4LkuUnMYy5MujnKHedqMfuNzu3XMhEVo DJNuqqwvo6E6Pynrc9jN8GTtQQU_XbworlwTS5LLIBiL-qGEgOyxgGzhzheAi3Mmfva9QwelvOMWbqpXG23vL8X-MMPZ9Cw

Hue/Saturation - Colorize (a few settings to mess with here)
http://tk.files.storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4Bts_RUgUY7yopD4LkuUnMYy5MujnKHedqOWLTO-k3aPdtMWMwu7RkLmMhDHmJbmmaSKXk_ygKjeE9Q_cH_HbwvhCX E3l6tJP4freOgy_i5ijSGIHreywRJDdonbWxmiTu9cpL4fYc4E 4A

http://tk.files.storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4Bts_RUgUY7yopD4LkuUnMYy5MujnKHedqMfjQjeokKGhC1 aKEEZ3U7urf5typcowYTeYWYXVeSYoQFikwEwr8-mf8mXOiJuAvaJbydCCZCUqPt4faVDaHAQOPxCGvUgLONa0MLSC 6dshg

http://tk.files.storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4Bts_RUgUY7yopD4LkuUnMYy5MujnKHedqPF5cf3kiPdu4L yse69L0dzMlNR1-9gLvdwaPyyPxn7FtYPm1ttJrao_XQSXXx2X-iuJZ7D66SxXWxJWR5Dv6uFUKRRVy0_GbT14oUvWhlGmg

http://tk.files.storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4Bts_RUgUY7yopD4LkuUnMYy5MujnKHedqPfzdze59jCCCi pq4QjphKTym2d7yIQdyB8Z9fWcx1DU4thAiF3ti0R_RG6fCS3T rH5QW-6YxzEvkAVFFOF05Jswh_W2ZLcE2H2sRqk06W9Aw

Dito - For the girls
http://tk.files.storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4Bts_RUgUY7yopD4LkuUnMYy5MujnKHedqMJSCPTCaoica_ q2fA6baaKrXsAicgLycuw0scO42ICH2A8wmD93bz8NRoNbyhN7 P-pwf95ay07p3p8atzw2SsIiUrEY_NlVgUyYYBcBirEJw

Filters - Artistic - Cutout (mess with this one some)
http://tk.files.storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4Bts_RUgUY7yopD4LkuUnMYy5MujnKHedqORdZXaiUtyVWE OIZG4ChuiTpzot1Zgz_7kr3OvIu4B0hOgpt8ltOAs-qyoA9oc18vWJ1WavLXSXq4vlC1eaXCnN89MFKtUBnrtBmwPKMf ZTw

Invert Colors
http://tk.files.storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4Bts_RUgUY7yopD4LkuUnMYy5MujnKHedqOx_nHcD9jQR9i PND1aFxBwqFiv0Oza_3H9nzBEwazfv8zE0Me7Gosz3SEL-5OoyFBFCbwmMaF8zTs-badZxWnCujHmPKD27Bd5-uQMFYMKcg

So there you have it.
Levels can give you that grimy look.
Contrast helps hurt your eyes.
Colorizing can help convey a mood.
Cutouts look "simply" cool.

Just experiment, this is dead easy stuff and can make a piece of junk look cool. This can also be used to make textured backgrounds an easy way.

Tell me I this helped any of you

04-02-2006, 03:03 AM
dont take offence to this, but i feel that this is somthing that really does not need a tutorial, just cause its so damn easy.

yeah the inks look cool but they look cooler with out the abstact colouring,

i think that you would have had better results doing shadows in brush and ink.

but thats just my 2 cents.

if any thing make a tutorial on your mecha design process.