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Oceans Andrew
12-06-2004, 09:08 AM

Step 1
Start with a RGB black background. It doesn't have to be black, but it does have to be dark for it to work. Make the file about twice the size you plan on using, because you are going to need to reduce it. The best way to get nice explosions is to make it 600 dpi.
Create a New Layer and set it's blending mode to screen. Select a somewhat unsaturated brown as your main color and black as your secondary color. On the screen layer, run the clouds filter.

Step 2
Select Image - Adjust - Auto Levels. This will make the clouds pop more, but it will kill your color.

Step 3
To get your colors back, select Image - Adjust - Hue/Saturation. Make sure the colorize box is selected, and adjust the top slider until the clouds are an orange color.

Step 4
The easiest step is last! Select Image - Adjust - Brightness/Contrast, and set the contrast to +80. From there, just cut out the parts of the clouds you want to use, and you have quick and awesome explosions!

Oceans Andrew
02-27-2005, 11:03 PM
has anyone tried this in any of thier art yet?
id love to see it in action

03-03-2005, 02:43 PM
I kind of use that, but I don't colourise the clouds, I paint a rough explosion, and then overlay somenthing from the cloud filter on a new layer, and play around with colour balance, blending modes, unsharp mask, and distort tools. And anything else my addled brain can think of lol