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03-17-2005, 11:38 AM

(Episode #1)

--"It has been written that God created the heavens and the Earth, what if the almighty being did in fact exist and it created something more..."

--Vincent FoxLore

As the Centrious 5 worked its way into its third rotation for this season a young Fox was born, although this foxxie was a bit different... You see he could do things others couldn't do, because he just didn't care about the consequences, but as it came to pass, and it always did, this managed to get him into more trouble than he could handle. They called him Vincent A. FoxLore.

"Dude, what err' you doin'?" said what sounded to be the voice of a maturing fox.

"What does it look like I'm doin'?" Questioned Vincent.

"It looks like you are trying to get yourself in trouble again." laughed the voice.

"Did I ask for any of your lip?" Vincent Wondered. "Besides, it wasn't all my idea, Argus."

Argus Firefoxx, Cousin to the 21 Cycle younger (3 Earth years) Vince, was a tall fox who was considered to have the build of a Caladorian bouncer by many. Though in Vince's eyes he was not only a cousin, but a brother. In fact they enrolled at High Rule M.E.C.H. Academy at the same time. Which was the same time as another young canine, Jason Xavier, a wolf, who was a good friend to Vince, even though he was the one who comes up with all the stupid crap he does.

"Yup, it was my idea, and when Commandant Crese sees this she is going to crap her pretty little Kitty panties."Kackled Jason.

"I don't see what your guys' problem is with her; I mean she isn't all that bad, is she?" Asked Argus.

"Well you wouldn’t know now would you? You don't have her for any training courses." Said Vince angrily.

"Well don't get pissed at me because you wanted the class with the "hot chicks" in it, as you so plainly put it." Argus pressed on.

"How was I supposed to know that it was a computer training class?" Questioned Vince.

"Think about it you "genius"(for lack of any other words), when you signed us both up, what did the card say on the door?" Jason asked.

Vince's right eye began to twitch and cross with his left, as this always happened when he had to think about something.

"Should we-" and before Argus could finish, Jason blurted, "You idiot, the card, on the door, said COMPUTER ENGINEERING FOR THE YOUNG PILOT. Man you're an idiot."

“So, that doesn’t mean I can’t do stuff the right way.” Vince scowled “you know this, it was me after all that hacked your grades, wasn’t it?