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04-28-2005, 11:40 AM
After coming up with Jits new clothes I redrew him in my pad. Sorry for the ass quality scan, and the wonked out shoulders are on purpose, other than that tell me what to fix please, as I know theres alot there that needs it.


04-28-2005, 11:41 AM
wow i love the expresion.keep it up:)

04-28-2005, 11:48 AM
not really much to say, I love the style. it's very rey-ish ^_^
don't really have anything to add... you comment hoarder.. :P

04-28-2005, 11:50 AM
Awesome. wacked out sleeves but make the pants a little more interesting i think... i have no real suggesstios besides think about stitching, zippers, buttons etc.

04-28-2005, 03:00 PM
Great job but I think his mouth looks a little iffy mabye make it more precise and adjust its placement a little. The costume is definitely really edgy I like it!

04-28-2005, 03:39 PM
theres not alot to say but that the pants need a tad bit more detail other than that ur pic is good keep up the good work

04-28-2005, 04:59 PM
Your style reminds me alot of some I've seen before

04-28-2005, 06:50 PM
Nice. I think the bellybutton is a little low. Is this some character I should have seen before or just one of yours? What is with the sleeves, are those bags or something? They are really strange.

tiyo konching
04-29-2005, 07:12 AM
i think yours is ore of a style but..hmm..i see he's not eating well..kiiip it up^^ i ike it overall

04-29-2005, 07:15 AM
nice drawing...i agree with the bellybutton being a little low...i like the sleeve effect.

04-29-2005, 07:18 AM
:eek2: EKKKK HOLY CRAP!! THATS SOME FREAKIN SUPER LICIOUS DRAWING THERE! nice drawing, i like your style, its very good.Some how,his face reminds me of dante.Keep it up!!

04-29-2005, 07:23 AM
wow sorrow...your avatar became rather angry...and you wonder why some one may send hate mail. honestly, it may be a simple joke but uh...some may be offended. i am not, just pointing it out. i likey the avatar pic though.

04-29-2005, 07:25 AM
haha, just a joke.I can be friendly(unless if someone pissed me off then i will do the same).I will try to change the avatar, thanks for telling me battousai.

04-29-2005, 07:33 AM
WHAT!!! now your hentaikid:confused: . thats funny but come on. you didn't change it for the good. man i can't stop laughing. you actually watch that shit. i don't mean to bitch like an adult but...again pointing out. i will try to get off your case but i will leave you with this...sometime kids get on and they wonder, "oooooooo!!!whats this hentai thing?" then they search it and find something to their young deviant perverse likeing...get it. again sorry. just pointing out;)

04-29-2005, 07:34 AM
uhhhh. again.. i din't think that earlier, sorry. thanks again.

04-29-2005, 07:38 AM
man you post fast...of course so do i:) sorry again for geting on your ass. funny sig...reminds me of those crazy type animes.

04-29-2005, 09:17 AM
Theres somein up with his abdomen. I guess its style? Looks great. Nice pose.