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05-07-2005, 09:43 AM
So i took an old sketch, and basically am reworking it into a new image for a project. But i could use some help and whatnot because im still in the preliminary stages, so changes can still be made. oh and on the right side is going to be a passage of text, so thats why its blank.

and in case you want to see a larger version (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v358/javaman323/bergeron_working_3.jpg)


05-07-2005, 09:48 AM
oh yeah, and heres the original lineart if you wanted to see that too


05-07-2005, 09:49 AM
graphically . . . it's f**king awesome. Even though darkness is part of the concept I'd still like to see some of the face.

05-07-2005, 10:10 AM
I actually like the lineart better than the color/stylized version. I think you made it a bit too weirdly bloody around the chest...it distracts from the picture.

05-07-2005, 10:21 AM
well in the passage of text hes shot throught the chest with a 12 guage.
So...i was thinking i went pretty light on the blood...but yeah, i do know what you mean. i liked the black and white too, but i have to also tie it into the story at the same time, so ill try toning down the red a bit and keep it more towards the black tones