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darkreaver 08-29-2011 06:59 AM

contest voting: results
winner will be decided by popular vote. Top three get trophies.

post a comment in this thread who you would rank 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in that order. 3 points will be awarded to first, 2 to second, and 1 to third. Voting ends a week from now, Monday September 5th.

comments and crits about the entries are encouraged, regarding the basis of your votes, or otherwise.

The entries:


-darkreaver: 26 = 1st place
-r@nd0m-lamb: 13 = 2nd Place
-Meatloaf: 11 = 3rd Place

-Xilence Swordswind: 4

congrats to the winners. second and third place were pretty close =0

Phl 08-29-2011 10:50 AM

1st Darkreaver
2nd Meatloaf
3rd Randomlamb

Cruiser18 08-29-2011 12:02 PM

1st Darkreaver
2nd Meatloaf
3rd Randomlamb

Meatloaf 08-29-2011 09:00 PM

1st Randomlamb
2nd Darkreaver
3rd Meatloaf (don't judge me :P)

Mine was plenty mediocre. I chose lamb 1st because he took a more interesting take on it by making them chicks. Also, I used to LOVE Bionicles. Also also, DR doesn't need another gold :P Really solid entry though DR, hard call.

astrapho 08-30-2011 01:29 AM

1st Darkreaver, just pretty much the most fleshed out of all of them.
2nd Randomlamb. Love the style.
3rd Meatloaf. Simply done but crisp. I would've picked a different color for the background though. :9

Xilence Swordswind 08-30-2011 06:41 AM

1st Place goes to Darkreaver
- The art is very smooth and nice but somehow lack of creativity since it is the same as the ref. Point only given to efforts on adding background, color and perspective. Nothing much to add except its better than the other 3 and I do mean it very very far better than others.

2nd Meatloaf
-Not sure about this one since it has boring colours with too thick for outline making it quiet dark. Even lazy and no effort at all on the cylindrical thing on the time twister without any work of detail on almost everything. Not worth on lego arts but still better than those of Randomlamb

3rd Randomlamb
-Sadly it turns out the color is dull and same as boring. The armor and mask has no distinctive detail at all and for making it a lady the anatomy is not attractive at all. No surprise on this work. Looking at the sword it is very frustrating compare to Toa Tahu swords do represent its Fiery element, cheating on character main figure is a very bad habit. Overall it is very very bad compare on the other two works. Background is also cheap.

For those who are not voted, congratulations on participating.

Lamb 08-30-2011 07:41 AM

lamb is bewildered by the above comment.

1st: Darkreaver - Even with "shameless texture" you did everything right. The only thing preventing you from winning again would be technical intricacy, greater depth or wit (which your paintings usually have plenty of themselves), that is not present in any other entry. Yours is the only other full scale painting. I like the secondary story going on in the bottom left corner, along with the whole composition. Enviable.

2nd: Meatloaf - However thankful for your nice comment, I state that, in my most private opinion, you don't really deserve the second place. However, my pride puts you even more ahead of me. Your painting is simple and it seems to work with the voters (it drives me crazy :D), but there's nothing I can really do about it. You picked a very cool model, I remember lettering through a catalogue when I was little, and there it was, it had an interesting atmoshere. I think it has more potential than just a dull reproduction.

3rd: Xilence Swordswind - I figured that among the rest of the entries it has the most to look at (you know, I could be very harsh with your entry as well - ask Fiona).

rayvon87 - Again a very cool model to work with. Not including the dragon is unforgivable. It's too minimalistic and it doesn't make sense (or does it LOLOLOL?).

ultagod - the best thing about your entries is that you actually approached the topic from the other side. You made lego interpretations of real life phenomena. It would be quite a strong point, if a bit violating the actual rules. Even while writing this I'm slightly tempted to give you a symbolic third place.

Dr. Zoinksman 08-31-2011 06:01 AM

1st: Darkreaver
2nd: Xilence Swordwind
3rd: Randomlamb.

I wish I could have participated in this one actually. I had a cool idea for one but every time I tried to put pen to tablet and draw something it kept coming out wrong and horrible. I'm not sure whether or not I just wasn't giving it a chance to get past the ugly phase or if I'm just not a technical drawer. I think it's the latter, really. Oh wells. Hopefully I'll be able to participate in the next contest.

Professor Az 08-31-2011 08:20 AM

I know why Darkreaver keeps coming up with contests... he likes to win them. :unibrow:

1st - Darkreaver. The most completed piece of all the entries. You suck, with your LEGO goodness. :laugh:

2nd - r@ndomlamb. Not bad for a squid. I dig the armor, you bet.

3rd - Meatloaf. That's right, you got judged. Nice and clean, very simple.

My entry was late, so I didn't even make it to last place. :)

darkstalker1 09-02-2011 08:01 PM

1st Darkreaver
2nd R@domlamb
3rd Xilence Swordwind

darkreaver 09-06-2011 06:02 AM

voting's ended.

Phl 09-06-2011 07:10 AM

Goncratulations all of yous ! :D

Lamb 09-06-2011 08:48 AM

Congratulations you two. It ended up just as I wanted. :)

Thank you all for your votes. I spent an awful lot of time on that piece. Too bad it didn't show right. I just wanted to try stuff that maybe didn't work as well as I hoped.

Meatloaf 09-06-2011 09:43 PM

Good show boys. Mine was pretty shitty, but it was a relaxing little project. Hopefully I can participate in the next one :)

Xilence Swordswind 09-10-2011 12:52 AM

Congratulation to the winners and hopefully we all can do better next time. Its sad to see few entries but it is very lively and I am satisfied with it.

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