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Scanned another batch. I went through all my stuff today to see how much more I have to scan in and... I have 47 more images to go after these. Yikes.

This one was for my humor class. We had to do some gag cartoons for magazines or whatever. If you don't know who Rob Liefeld is, this makes no sense. Look him up, because his art will do wonders for your self esteem.

This was another scratchboard assignment, this time for Kim DeMulder's methods class.

These three pages were done for Adam Kubert's narrative class from an Ultimate X-Men script he had previously drawn. This was maybe 3/4s through the year and I still had a bad habit of being pretty loose with my shading, which really shows in some of the panels and on the first page in particular. I hate most of the rain effects. We also had to ink just one of the pages, which is why the other two are in pencil.

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