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My controversy (maybe):

- I'm an atheist who disdains the new atheist movement due to how socially regressive it is.
- I think we should follow other countries with health care & maternity/paternity leave.
- Polyamory should be a thing legally recognized (multiple consenting adults marrying each other; distinct from polygamy because it makes no gender distinctions and isn't tied to bs religious cults).
- Assisted suicide should also be available for people who request it (yes, put things in place to make sure the person is of sound mind and all that).
- Abortion & birth control are great because it allows women to be full agents over their bodies/futures.
- **** texas. People there are just obnoxious. I'd love to let them secede just to watch them flounder.
- Libertarians routinely make me facepalm with quite a bit of circular reasoning, lack of evidence for their claims, and simply not accounting for people who aren't in their approximate life circumstance.

if you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.

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