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Honestly nobody here has said anything truly controversial so lets go.
  • The issue of mostly male economic migrants to europe is causing massive problems in many european countries due to men that grew up in socially regressive countries who don't value women causing a huge number of rapes and sexual abuse, and this issue is being handwaved by people scared of being labeled racist. This needs to be dealt with.
  • Women are not victims of men in modern western society. Both sexes have problems and it's not a one way street.
  • Male suicide/depression and workplace deaths are huge issues that almost nobody is taking seriously, while minor feelsy issues like fat shaming and trigger warnings fill up the media on a daily basis.
  • Sensitivity is not a virtue. At all. Being offended doesn't give you any right to anything.
  • Having large countries succeed to smaller independent nations would make for a much better world where the governments can meet the peoples needs much better.
  • The reason why africa is ****** is that we sent across charity, not a manufacturing outsourcing industry.

  • "- I'm an atheist who disdains the new atheist movement due to how socially regressive it is."

    What new atheist movement? Militant atheists or atheism plus. Because **** atheism plus.

  • "- Libertarians routinely make me facepalm with quite a bit of circular reasoning, lack of evidence for their claims, and simply not accounting for people who aren't in their approximate life circumstance."

    What Libertarian views, you are going to have to clarify as this is a very wide political landscape. Economicly liberal? Socially liberal? Progressives?
  • "The best course of action is just to provide support to the Saudi-led coalition in order to let the Middle-East sort its own problems and not exacerbate them."

    Wat.... The coalition lead by the home of Wahhabism which beheads atheists, and commits horrible crimes against humanity on a daily basis. What a terrible ******* idea.

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