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I went to work today, lol. Kk, here's my response:

"What new atheist movement? Militant atheists or atheism plus. Because **** atheism plus. "

When i said New Atheists, I meant atheist circles that congregate largely on youtube, twitter, and reddit. So, a pretty casual read on the atheist scene and one that is very informed by the kinds of users on those platforms than atheist philosophies in isolation. My beef with them is their arguments are too limited, often incredibly eurocentric, sexist, and reproduce the same behavior that defines christianity (which I'm more than sick of). They think themselves enlightened, the rest of the world is blind, their experiences largely define what it means to be human or good, they're quick to evangelize, and they pay public devotion to their charismatic atheist celebrities of choice. I want more questioning, of leaders like Dawkins or Hitchens included. I feel the atheists I've seen in these online spaces only go so far than stop. They fail to connect with other lenses of inspection, likely because those lenses highlight their own complicity in oppressive systems.

What interests me with atheism is that I see it as incomplete without questioning economic and social systems of privilege. It's a massive ven diagram that gets super messy. Dive deep and it's almost impossible to talk about any one of those subjects without including the other. It makes a big puzzle that I love to dive into. Atheist lens, feminist lens, queer lens, social class lens, all of them end up intersecting. I don't know what branch of atheist thought that would be included in, honestly, but that's where I am.

"What Libertarian views, you are going to have to clarify as this is a very wide political landscape."
This is a subject I've been introduced to by way of conversation with people IRL mostly, so they did not state their exact camp, as it were. A few examples of facepalm inducing claims below:
  • The market is naturally stable and self regulatory. Repeated inquiries for evidence (countries that have partially attempted the de-regulation they described), multiple individuals, no examples given. If you happen to have some, throw them my way, but I won't believe just because it sounds nice.
  • Without government mandate, all would receive healthcare access by the good will and awareness of others. What about people with rare conditions? What charities would exist for conditions the population is already ignorant of? Since you're placing a free-market price on peoples' lives, how is it possible to shop around and support the better institution with your $$$ if you're mid-stroke? How can such charities or businesses exist without further stratifying social classes? Again, if you feel you have good answers to this, throw them my way (link me to articles, i'll read them).

Adding to controversy:
Mass incarceration of people of color (specifically men of color) is an extension of racism that never actually went away. It's slavery by another name.

Feminism has many camps, but if you're not intersectional (exploring the intersection of what it is to be different kinds of women), you're likely promoting agendas that reflect and uplift those of your background. You end up perpetuating the same bullshit you critique onto other people while in a state of denial. This is why white feminists are often so hypocritical, self serving, and blind to the unique issues of literally every other kind of person. Patriarchy implicates everyone to some extent, if you aren't honest about how your privileges effect others, you won't act counter to the toxic system you supposedly criticize.

Gender-segregated bathrooms are a horrible idea. They fail to account for people whose gender isn't what was assigned to them at birth, they fail to reflect gender as a spectrum rather than a binary (gender studies 101 concept) and people who were born physically intersex. I've used multistall all-gender bathrooms. The sky does not fall. The world doesn't end. People shit/piss and move on, the difference is everyone is explicitly welcome in the space, which gives violent shitheads less protection.

Sexism in relation to assault/abuse is bullshit. Yes, violence against women is horrible, but I'm talking about the other side of the coin here. Women can be physical abusers. I know, I had one for 20 years. No one takes me seriously. Men can be victims of sexual violence. I know, i have 2 brothers who have suffered this. They are alone/shamed socially. It's super bullshit and a direct result of gendered myths we believe in our culture (men are strong and unfeeling, women are docile and incapable of real violence). **** all that bullshit.

Forget speculation, if you want to meet experts on gender in our culture, talk to trans people. They've actually experienced both sides and all shades in between. Truth is, most of us have a super narrow capacity to imagine this subject. (note, that's in OUR culture. Other cultures already have 2+ gender categories and vastly varied roles, so go look up anthropology junk).

There, done for tonight. Sleepy sleepy.

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