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On Economics.

You basically hate people that follow Hayekian economics, as opposed to Keynesian economics. I'd suggest not using the blanked term libertarians, as that encompasses many ideas that you would rather defend such as freedom of speech regardless of ideas.

let this hilarious rap battle bring you up to speed.

On Atheism.

Not sure why you said new atheism if you are going to lump in Dawkins and Hitchens, Both men i am a massive fan of. So if you want to debate any of their ideas, I'm up for that fight. But i would imagine the main

Also if you are taking the amazing atheist as an example, he is pretty much not taken serious by anyone.

I would like to see you back up this claim though " reproduce the same behavior that defines christianity"
That just comes off as ridiculous to me.

On Gender Segregated bathrooms:

gender serves a very important social utility, regardless of if you like it or not, and that it to provide families for growing the next generation.

On top of that there is different needs that bathrooms need to provide to people. Men are able to use urinals, which speed up our usage of the bathroom a ton, as you can fit more in there. These are out in the open, and as such opens a whole can of worms having them in a mixed gender bathroom.

You are essentially trying to change a societal norm for the majority for a tiny tiny minority so that there feels don't get hurt. In Australia though almost every place has a single disabled genderless bathroom, Doesn't this solve that problem? (unless you somehow want to imply that having the bathroom be labled disabled is abelist)

But the problem with these sort of arguments is that they try and dictate to the majority of populations that they should not behave the way they want to, even if it isn't harming anyone for the sake of a minority, and it is attacking people for who they are. Men should be allowed to be manly and women should be allowed to be feminine, but people should be allowed to stray from it if they are not comfortable with it. Widen the rainbow, don't turn gender into a grey homogeneous soup. And besides, Most transgender people want to transition to the other side, not opt out of the game whatsoever. You are probably looking at a fraction of a fraction of a small group of people who want to choose to be a Xir.

I'm glad that you can recognize that sexual abuse and domestic abuse against men is a real thing. .

On privilege.

In general i think the whole privilege thing is silly. Yes people get a better start in life or are looked in different ways in society, but to act like people are not able to understand an issue, or have a valid opinion because of who they are is rubbish. I think yes understanding that there is privilege, (Economic privledge being the biggest), but to start to dictate quotas, or deciding who can or cannot speak is silly, dangerous and is going against many ideas that most European nations are founded. (free speech being the biggest).

Just a few facts.

The gap between blacks and whites in american prisons is smaller than the gap between men and women in prisons.

During the 15th and 19th centuries africans enslaved from 1-4 million europeans. This of course is a fraction of the ~12 million africans that were enslaved in america, but to act as if white people are the cause of all evil is silly. Hell to be white in America isn't even the most successful demographic, asians are doing better in pretty much every way you can measure, from education, to poverty rates, to median income.

But hey this conversation is probably going to lead to some of my truly controversial ideas.
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