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You missed me ... you really really missed me!

Controversy? We're swimming in it, we just keep our eyes closed so we don't feel the sting. Everything on the face of the stinkin' earth is controversial. Why? Because we are a mass of self-indulged, self-entitled ... beings. There is no "we" in the world, just a whole lot of "me!" We care more about what we want and like as individuals than we do about maintaining family and community.

You know what annoys me? Well ... besides everything? Certain protesting as it relates to events in Minneapolis MN. Protesting is needed - things definitely need to change and decades ago. What I'm against is the victimization of innocent people for the purpose of making a statement. How does harassing and victimizing others help anyone's cause? It just creates hostility and builds barriers rather than bridges. There are protesters here holding the city hostage (figuratively) to their show of outrage. They don't care if someone is having a medical crisis. They don't care of others need for the police. They don't care if someone is late for work or an important appointment. They don't care about hurting innocent people. What about the elected officials? Why not mess up their day? What about the big corporations that are known to pay low wages and unfair wages? Why not cause them trouble? I could be with you if you took your outrage and demonstrated in appropriate places but ... noo ... it would seem the message is to hurt others until they get what they want. Pointless, useless, and you are hurting the wrong people. Make the right people suffer, bring the media to the right people, or better yet, camp out at the TV stations and make them hear you. Mess up their day and make them give you a little air-time.

We will never grow up and care about something more than ourselves. The earth doesn't matter. Our families don't matter. Our neighbors don't matter. Being polite and considerate don't matter. Keeping the peace doesn't matter.

Self matters and self wants for itself and it wants lots of amusement, entertainment, material goods, accolades ... etc.

Thank you for missing me, I'll now return from whence I came which is looking and not touching because I can't be bothered to spend so much of my valuable life-time on the internet. I've got practical matters to tend to.

Someone throw on that old Prince CD .... oh, you're probably all too young for that one. New Years hugs and well wishes for ALL of you.

I'm actually really nice and cool and interesting ... just not on the internet ... cause it's messed up and doesn't convey a message they way it's sent.
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