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Originally Posted by unstable_monki
His rhetoric is concerning and it boggles my mind that he's a front runner, but I'd be very interested to have a level headed discussions about him with a supporter and pick their brain.
I haven't read any of the replies as I don't want them diluting my initial thoughts:

Here's my thought: Trump is Trump. He isn't playing the political game of catering to the ideas of the upper-class and making empty promises to the middle-class and completely ignoring the poor (ok ... he might be ignoring the poor). Hilary Clinton scares me far more than Trump. She flip flops and no one ever notices. She doesn't care about the poor at all - unless you're talking about an under-developed country.

Cruiz has some serious issues that Trump is exposing that no one seems to notice. No, not his status as citizen. His emotional status. He feeds into everything Trump says and comes back swinging. He's messed up and wouldn't serve well as a president.

Trump doesn't worry me - he's not doing anything different than he's been doing for many years and he's always done it very publicly. Am I a supporter? If I have to choose between Clinton, Cruiz, and Trump I think I'd have to go with Trump.

No. I don't like that other Republican either. What's his name who or the Ohio guy either. I'm mostly anti-Republican. It's only fair, they are mostly anti-poor and refuse to do anything meaningful to end poverty. We're just supposed to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and start a business and send all the labor overseas and people in other countries live in abject poverty. It's not realistic - really it's not.

I probably won't be back to check for replies as I can't be bothered to use the internet but once a month and even that's an annoyance (I have to check and see how my son is doing in school).

I'd say I love you all ... but I'm not cuddly that way.
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