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How many hours do you guys work at IT? Isn't it usually just a 9-5 job?

Anyways, regarding marketing, I only know how to do it on dA. This is gonna be a LOOOONNNG POST.

So let's start from the basics. At this point with deviantArt's popularity and number of users, just posting your art alone is not going to get you any traffic. You'll show up for maybe a few seconds under newest artworks, but that's gonna be it.

Groups: So the first level of exposure you can use is the Groups system. By getting your art into groups you're more likely to get people who are subscribed to groups to view them. However, it quickly became clear to me that most people who are in the groups probably don't look at the groups. I tried to at first but there's just so many pics submitted that it was a chore too look through them all. I still occasionally dig through them. I'm guessing most people are the same. Long story short, the strategy with groups is to submit to as many groups as you can that are related to your theme. After a while you'll get a feel of which groups you want to focus on and which you want to trim out. I generally dont' submit to more than 20-30 groups now. Also, the more selective a group is, the more valuable getting a submission to it is, as more people will actually watch it since the quality will be higher. Getting featured in a popular but curated group is probably the best you can hope for, because when people try to upload to a group, they're going to be looking at the most recent pics submitted, and the last 4 featured pics are the first things people see when they submit to the group, so being featured in a highly selective group means you'll get a lot of exposure.

Favorite/Watch: Watching or Favoriting is tactic that I've see some deviants use. If you watch or favorite someone, there's a good chance they might check out your page to favorite you or even watch you back. However, you have to realize that this only works for people who don't get a lot of traffic. Anybody who gets a lot of favs or watches probably won't even bother to check who favorited or watched them. Also, having a shit ton of favs or watchers might look really bad when people check your stats. Its not a method I'd recommend, especially since I actually try to follow my watches.

Llamas: This is my preferred method. Since you really can't spam people with llamas (you can only give a person a llama once). It basically functions the same as favs. People who get a llama might visit your page to give a llama back, and thus possibly give you a watch if they like what they see. However, you're limited to around 60 llamas an hour. I use a llama addon that makes giving llamas a lot easier, otherwise it'd take way too much time to give that many llamas per day.

Daily Deviation: This used to be really great at getting watchers, but after they changed the system its not that great anymore since it doesn't automatically show up anywhere people easily come across.

So basically, by doing a combination of all these things along with posting art, you can slowly grow your watcher base. Of course, if you somehow get featured by a popular artists or win a contest that can help too, although I haven't had that happen yet.
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