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Right a quick update. More of a highlight/fruits of my labor in the past few days/weeks.

I've spent more time practicing on sketch book tbh and theres not much to that at all. Until i started to study the female body and anatomy in general and came across an artist which came up with an answer to how i could rectify my anatomy to a point that it all fit together properly or more naturally.

Using the power of rhythm lines, i was able to cook solve a part of the problem of joining the top of the torso to the bottom and have legs that fit. Below is the fruits of my labour

Oh yeah, its nsfw.

Ok, still problems, but aside from the proportion issues and slightly awkward pose, i feel that the shape is there and at the very least more natural compared to my other stuff thus far. I can't do much with this pic for the time being and i've shelved this under: "use this for practice lighting or painting".
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