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The embarrassing truth is that the picture above was from reference.

Anyway, after a good long chat with muzzoid (again many thanks for being patient with me. It must have been like talking to a hyperactive brick wall for you). Its time to take a step back and take things slowly for a while and develop things. Didn't have much time in the past few weeks as i'm studying for my microsoft certs. So focused on various bits of the body using refs.

Last week, it was the nose. Didn't learn that much tbh. Especially with the ref pic i chose.

So this week instead i went to drawing the eyes. There were a few things i wanted to know and understand (especially the upper eye lid and how it formed and why/what created the variables).

Cooked up this pic -The first one was a disaster and Photoshop was trying to ruin my best endeavors by not behaving. The main focus was the eyes. The rest i sort of referenced and the mouth i just drew in as it was completely different from the ref.

Not perfect the eyes, but its a start. I suppose. Only a little more testing will get me there. Probably.
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