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1. Lamb
The artwork has everything - colors, a battle, movement, concept. I like the idea of a boss battle set in the air. It's something that may seem insignificant at the first glance, but such a leap into the air puts the character into an environment where they are on their own. And that's what boss battles are all about, to fight out the fight, whether it is outside or just inside their mind, ultimately by themselves.
What shouldn't be missing in any fight is movement, after all stagnation means death, movement is life - and we want our hero to survive. There are several ways the artwork conveys movement. It is most apparent in the backdrop and the pose of the warrior. She looks as if she is just about to vault and get behind her adversary.
The battle itself is indicated by the cut tail (structure the warriors are flying through). I like the original clothing and weapons of the characters. I especially dig the antlers, they are very cute.
The color combination is great -it was mainly them what tipped the scales in favor of this artwork. They catch the eye and won't let the viewer go. Maybe it's just that they remind me of Jian Gu who uses a similar color palette pleasant to the eye.

2. Grieverjoe
Amazing idea! To depict the boss battle as a fight with your own demons and emotions was very smart. It's a situation we experience more often than battles with ancient monsters (Cthulhu, anyone?). I like the stance of the protagonist who seems determined to face the obstacles. There is no hesitation or worry, just determination of the moment. I like the emotion and message of the artwork. The colors don't attract as much attention as with lamb's piece. Maybe it would help if the Chinese monster on the left used colors which are more contrastive to the background. I feel it blends in a little too much.

3. Astrapho
Haha, here is that large ancient monster I was writing about in response to Grieverjoe's piece. (perhaps a dragon). The whole artwork looks very good, except for one thing that bugs me - the face of the lasher on the sledge. Although his expression is hilarious, the flatness makes it seem as if he was missing half of his face. If I was to nitpick (which I am not ), one other thing is the horse's stance. If it is meant to be in mid jump, the positioning of its legs is not correct. If it is just a prance, it's not apparent from this artwork, so I am a bit confused as to what the horse is actually doing - galloping, jumping? I love it's expression, though. Great job.
On a positive note, the concept is great and the execution is a real success. The image leads the viewer towards the warmer colors and more intense lighting of the monster, which in turn seems larger and more menacing. You placed it in the aboslute middle of of the image and thus we really feel in we're in the middle of a boss battle

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