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Weekend work and we've moving into colors. i decided to scrap the line work for the eyes and mouth and copy the roughs and use that as my lines.

Anyway, we added the flats and added a background. I had hoped for more disco lights/lasers for added composition, but i couldn't implement it properly and shelved it. For now.

i've begun adding the effects layers. Atm i've added the darkest shadows layer and the ambient (purple) lighting. Those are quick and easy to do in one layer and color. but adding the shading and lighting i might dial it back and do it in sections. i can't use a single color to complete all the shading or the lighting. But on the other hand, will the layer modes help to speed things up?

Meh, i'll think about it. Either i find the solution or expect to generate a load of layers for each section. Crits and opinions welcome of course.

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