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Judge's selections



Without a doubt the strongest piece here, it is exuding character and implies an interesting story. You avoided the tropes of having only pretty characters, and i adore the horses expression! You are developing as an artist in quite an interesting direction and it is exciting to watch, and this piece is just another brick in your awesome adventure.

I can almost imagine the cheesy boss battle mechanics that would come into play here if this was a game!

If i was to comment on anything, i would perhaps like to see a more compelling creature design, as it is a bit plain, but it is a minor nitpick in a strong piece.


Probably the most ambitious entry here, it implies an interesting battle and you attempted to pull off a lot of difficult things within the image to varying degrees of success. But overall i felt that it nails the theme of the competition very well.

It matches the theme thematically very well, and I like the amount of depth that the image has.

To add some comments, i really think this piece would have benefited from having a lot more contrast, and more focus on it being at night. It would give you a great chance to focus on the shiny wet surfaces.


This piece kicks ass!

The action is great, the colours are experimental and the character designs are interesting. Where this falls down for me is that im not entirely sure about the narrative of the piece. What is that flying wall thing, which character is the boss? It's an awesome image but there is very little in the image that communicates motives or what is going on in this image.

Through the technicalities this piece is a solid third but it was a major tossup between this and Djizomdjinn.

Well done, i see a lot of growth in your style here, and you have done some very cool stuff.

Honorable mention:

Greiver Joe.

I liked this piece, but i found that it was a bit too static, and i think it played to old tropes a little too much to my liking. it was certainly ambitious and i think you have displayed a high level of technical skill with it.

I think i would have liked to see designs that are more cohesive, as none of the designs of the bosses and the player character (?) really match each other, and as such all the designs feel like a random smattering of cultures without a clear linking element.

But regardless great work, and it is exciting seeing your grow as an artist!

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