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First off, I'd like to apologize for being late. This was a tough bunch of pics to choose only three from. I know you've all been waiting to hear the last judge's choices, so here they are, in order:

#1. ChrisHerself - Very nice, I like the overall feel of this pic. I was ondering what the finished product would look like, and I can honestly say I wasn't disappointed. Excellent job of coloring, I'm especially liking the horse, you bet.
Aristic Merit: 10
Relevance: 10

#2. toetread - One word (and an extra point)... funny. Keeping it simple works for this pic. The guys in the office thought I was nuts from laughing so loud. I like the layout too, very effective use of negative space. The polar bear is just icing on the cake.
Artistic Merit: 8 (plus one point for just being plain old funny) = 9
Relevance: 10

3. pigeonkill - I have one weakness when it comes to these art contests, and it's always sequential art (even though it wasn't superhero comics). This one must have taken a lot of work, and it shows. The amount of effort is what helped me make the decision for this piece. Great job.
Artistic Merit: 8 (plus one point for maximum effort) = 9
Relevance: 9

I thought long and hard about this, and I'm not going to comment on any others as my fellow judges have. If you are interested in an individual critique, please drop me a PM, I'll be happy to give you a taste of the Razor's Edge.

Thank you for your patience, I've been out of it with that nasty bug that's been going around (I still feel like crap), and just got back online today. A big Thank You to everyone who entered, it's your participation that makes the art contests around here... interesting.
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