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This voting is genuinely scary for me. All of you guys have created such super cool submissions.

I really like how you're pushing yourself with new technical challenges djizomdjinn. Could have painted a mech battle, but no, paint a mecha battle in the rain instead! Don't know about you, but I would have smoked a cartful of cigarettes, while trying to figure out how to do that properly. And the painting is really good. Love the lighting and mood.

Joe, my dear pumpkin. Your take on the theme is the most original. Not only that, but it is also a good idea (get it, being original not always secures good results, but this does). The designs are well thought through and you are also quite the muscular man. What is there not to like?

astrapho, you know what, it's ok that you stomp me into the ground during every contest. It has something to do with the fact that you are a really good artist. Your submission does well on the technical level and I also love the wackiness of the characters. (do you by any chance know Harpy Gee, don't know why, but your character expressions kind of remind me of that comic, you may like it)

I think.

There is no way back once I do it.

Here it is. I am voting for Grieverjoe, although his painting isn't maybe as refined as the others, but I loved the development of the characters and I feel that this submission has much more to offer than just a battle scene. I hate myself for picking only one.

p.s. this doesn't at all mean that we couldn't be dating, astrapho, if you wanted to.
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