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1st Place goes to Darkreaver
- The art is very smooth and nice but somehow lack of creativity since it is the same as the ref. Point only given to efforts on adding background, color and perspective. Nothing much to add except its better than the other 3 and I do mean it very very far better than others.

2nd Meatloaf
-Not sure about this one since it has boring colours with too thick for outline making it quiet dark. Even lazy and no effort at all on the cylindrical thing on the time twister without any work of detail on almost everything. Not worth on lego arts but still better than those of Randomlamb

3rd Randomlamb
-Sadly it turns out the color is dull and same as boring. The armor and mask has no distinctive detail at all and for making it a lady the anatomy is not attractive at all. No surprise on this work. Looking at the sword it is very frustrating compare to Toa Tahu swords do represent its Fiery element, cheating on character main figure is a very bad habit. Overall it is very very bad compare on the other two works. Background is also cheap.

For those who are not voted, congratulations on participating.
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