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Hey, now I introduce myself, Just call me Joker, but if you want to know my name is Pablo, I am 21 and I am from Ecuador. I found PK a year ago or so when i liked drawing, but never took it seriously(or at least care about it) until recently, that is why I join, I have noticed I'm one of the oldest guys here (In age not in time here ) and I totaly suck compared to the great mayority of karbonites here. that is why I found this site great for me (Nice, experienced, friendly people, that give you advice instead of making you feel like s#%t)

Love to be here
Balance is the answer...there's no good without evil...there's no white without black...there's no happiness without sadness...there's no greatness if there's no humility!!!!! So bring on the darkness and bring on the light and with both inside me... I shall become GOD!!!!!!!!! Madness is my name and so is sanity, I shall live for myself and throught that I'm gonna live for everyone else!!!!!!
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