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Critique: My unbiased, official opinion on this: Good effort. Great anatomy. Boring subject. Eye-gouging color. Little relevance. She's not even an elf for crying out loud. The colored lines are nice because they give her a soft quality, but the shadowing is so incredibly solid that they give her no dimension whatsoever, she just lays flat on the page/screen. This goes for the candy cane too, but moreso. I like the boots and that little hint of light you give on them. Honestly, the colors are just too far from traditional red and green to work at all.. it's like easter in winter. the white outline kills the figure because she does not have any dark lines or shadows, and those that she does have are extremely thin and do not vary. The hair needs those lines/shadows the most. The compositional space is used well. It might not do much for a static image, but it works to some extent. Again, as with the previous pieces, little relevance to theme, and just because she is topless does not make it more irrelevant; it just seems in bad taste because in this case it is gratuitous, not artistic. Good work and good effort, though.
Artistic merit: 7
Relevance: 5

Critique: I like the idea of a simplistic vector piece with flat colors, but it just seems too static to me to actually be anything more than what I'm seeing. The drawn parts are nice, the faces and hands are realistic and believable. I think there are so many other places you could have taken this if you had put a little more thought into it. Minimalistic is nice, but what I think is nice about it is how it makes you think of what you aren't seeing; the negative space, the notes you aren't playing, etc. Frankly, I can't even make out how one of the arms connects to the shoulder.. Mary is just a formless mass. Nice idea, needed more thought and effort.
Artistic Merit: 4
Relevance: 8

emmapeel #2
Critique: Haha, I'm not even sure if I should critique this... I'm pretty sure it was a gift for oolong or a response to the boobthread. Um, if I were to do it seriously? More line variation, colors are too flat, hardly any background, not enough gratutious nudity.
... and what a lame joke too, I mean, come awn
Artistic Merit: 3
Relevance: 4

Critique: I'll start off with the problem: it doesn't use space well enough. You've got this gigantic white space on the top, and even if this had been colored (which I feel would have helped a bit), it would not have made much of a difference. The lineart is excellent, very exact with shading and all, and I think you're like the only person so far to consider the effectiveness of line variation. The border is quite good too, I love that decoration you've got going there. The tree is good too, and there are a lot of things on it (and in this drawing) that are very small and precise. Again, what kills it for me is the use of compositional space... I could cut off the top half and it would still get the point across, perhaps a bit better because there's no empty space at the top. Your line work is great, as I've seen your stuff before, but you could've knocked this contest flat on it's ass if you put in that extra 10 percent.
Artistic Merit: 7
Relevance: 8

Critique: Good effort, it's cute and all that good stuff. I know what you were going for with the background, but it didn't have to be that blurry, and could've used a bit more work, what with all that whitespace and all. The style is sketchy; I think it works well, but some shading could have made it more effective, as it really feels thrown together and a bit unfinished. A nice entry, I think of the potential this had if you put a bit more work into it.
Artistic merit: 6
Relevance: 8

Critique: Such a nice thing to look at, and funny at that, but there were a few things about it that made the difference between the top 3 and not the top 3. Your perspective and line use is so good, the houses are that cartoony "one window and one door and one garage door" thing but still look believable enough to be real. The figures correspond well with the angle and you carried the idea off perfectly. My beef was the coloring, which is nice at some points but really disappoints in others, mainly the ones that bring the most attention. The eye is immediately drawn to the center of the piece, where the lawn's coloring looks so rushed in comparison to that excellent lighting you have going on with the chimney on the right and the house on the left. The deciding factor for this was simply that I can kind of pinpoint where the amount of effort applied declined slightly, which takes away from everything. Use of compositional space is good and symmetrical, lines are clean and straight, and the theme is relevant and humorous. Overall great work, nearly in the top 3.
Artistic merit: 8
Relevance: 7

Artistic Merit::tireM citsitrA
Relevance: i came

Critique: Haha, I like this one a lot. The figure seems a bit squished in there, but a slight anatomical problem. This absolutely neeeeeeds a background, I can't have this guy flying around in purgatory like he owns the place. Even a small little something would have been nice, because the colors on this are pretty good (especially the legs) and the lines are comic book-y but not too heavy.. they vary in the right places and it looks like you put a lot of thought into that. The design of the character is pretty good too. I like this pose, it's quite dynamic, which I have seen very little of in the contest. More shading! Be daring, take a chance and exaggerate color in the direction of truth (that's a quote by some guy, I don't remember who), because it won't hurt you at all. Great entry.
Artistic Merit: 7
Relevance: 7

Critique: Whew, this is nice. Firstly, the lineart itself, from what I can make out, is very good, although kind of simplistic. Not that that matters or makes it bad, just a thought. The coloring is dark and that carries out well through the whole thing.. the effect of that one spotlight above her is effectively shown in how it hits her jacket, the toy, the snow, etc. This.. however, feels unfinished to me, or that you could have done more with it. The coloring on the snow looks a bit fast.. the background is pretty much empty.. I like the snow falling and how it pops out of the page more than anything, but there is more I'd like to see happening on the page first. This is very good, though, and I'm loving the coloring on the figures. Nice work.
Artistic Merit: 7
Relevance: 8

Critique: I hated it. Until I noticed that he has an ORANGE ON HIS SHIRT *dies* that is comic genius! Also: why is The Fonz passed out on his couch
Artistic Merit: this is actually pretty good
Relevance: haha nothing! or 10

Critique: Oh, how I wish I wish I wish you could've finished this, ally. I love the design of the figure, the eccentric twists and thinness of the limbs, the coloring of the skin, the tones... it's all very good and you spent a lot of time on this, I bet. Actually, I know you did. A background would have really taken this to like, the North Pole of this contest, killing everyone along the way. It's just so.. visually appealing, the softness of the colors and the design aspect of the character and.. the hat, the hat is awesome. Just.. a background, next time :(
Artistic Merit: 8
Relevance: 10

Holycrapthattooklike2hourstotypeoutandnowit's5:02a ndIhavetosleepthankyoubye

thanks to everyone who entered! congrats :3
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