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This was an extremely hard decision... I liked many of these artworks. Each of them had their unique personalities reflective of both skill, emotion, and perception. It's hard to create a feeling of torment within an art piece; every participant did a great job in their attempts to accomplish a feel of torment as well as try to do it in the not-so-conventional (for this forum) surrealistic style.

The decision between my first three favourites was very difficult, as they all show exceptional skill.

First Place: bakanekonei #1

This is a well-painted piece. The theme is torment, and the humanoid on the bottom certainly looks tormented physically due to his disfigurements, and mentally, due to his expression. Being drowned definitely isn't a good thing :(

I also have to mention the contrasting mood in this pic. The peaceful scenes at the top juxtapose the mans turmoil; and we know that seeing something good while experiencing something bad makes the torment unbearable. Good work with the comparative approach.

The details are also nice and clean, I'm liking the composition, though I have to scroll to see the whole picture. One thing that irks me, though: the choice of colours. I know that this is meant to be water, but I feel that a surrealistic touch of red could be added; red evokes some emotions on the subconscious level that trigger anger, maybe even some deep blue hues for sadness. Currently the colours in the picture are quite peaceful... too dull, perhaps.

All in all it's a great entry. Wonderful work bakanekonei.

Second Place: pigeonkill

Well, everything just seems bad for this poor guy. Coloured a sickly green, being a skeleton, and burning in flames, he should be long dead. But he isn't. He clearly has an expression of sadness and suffering. I'd think that this is what hell would be like, as some of you may know hell is eternal, and that definitely isn't a good thing.

I love the use of colours in this artwork. The vibrant reds and oranges work, and portray some well-rendered fire while the blue hues and the window show that there is hope yet it's... hopeless. He's not going to the outside world, because if he could he would have already gone there, right? And once you know that, the torment would be terrible.

Inspiring work, pigeonkill.

Third Place: Vajura

Nice work. Time itself can be seen as a torment; there is no escape from it, you can't stop it, pause it, or control it in any way. The torment of apprehension can be the worst thing in the world. You can't do anything about it, and it shows in this piece. The mans face is an expression of anguish. The clock is very large, almost as large as the man himself, and it's directly attached to him; symbolising that time is torment for this dude, and that he cannot escape it. Whether those hands are helpful or not, I do not know. Even so, he can't reach them and vice versa. He is all alone in the wilderness.

I feel that this should be coloured. Even a monotone red would do the trick and add more atmosphere. Remember that the other competitors had the opportunity to use colour, and they did; colour is an important part of art as colours are symbolic of emotions. Though the lack of colour can emphasize the feeling of turmoil as we wish to see it coloured; seeing it in grayscale makes the viewer feel more for the man in his bland world.

Great work, Vajura.

Congratulations to all those who entered - these took me quite a while to analyse - it was a great experience. It was hard to judge according to the specifications. Special mentions to Miss Wiggle and Avian, these were close contenders. Miss Wiggles, because regret torments you for the rest of your life(usually) , and the extreme contrast in Avians work with the surrealistic touch was brilliant. 5te and bigyellowlegoman did good work as well as providing some humour.

Excellent work everyone
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