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Okay, first off, I hate you all...

JK! But seriously though, I wasn't expecting this many entries when I recieved the PM from Kwixx, so when I saw how much I have to go through, I was like...

This probably is the best contest here so far. The amount of entries and the amazing content really can't be topped (at least until the next contest!). Since all of you put so much work into it, I definately feel like I should give each and every one of you a critique that's more than just 'cool' or 'awesome'. That being said, if you don't read it, I'm going to be VERY angry =P.

EDIT: ARRRRGGGHZZZZZ! I was almost done with all the Crits, but my internet crashed and I lost EVERYTHING!!! Okay, sorry but I'm going to redo the crits later this weekend. I'm just going to post my rankings now.

Anyways, it was extremely hard to choose, since most of the pieces were spectacular. If I could, I'd choose the top 10, but you know the rules.

1. Ninken
There were a lot of really great pieces, but to me, Ninken's seemed the most polished. Both the idea and the execution were extremely well done here. I think it does a good job of being surreal but not too crazy. The expression on the face is really what sealed the deal though.

2. CaptainSnafu
I think the idea here is fairly unique, at least in Snafu's spin of it. Again, technical execution is superb here, and the color choices really work well. The way how the skin unravels is also really amazing to focus on.

3. Bakanekonei
I think the top and the bottom still feel a bit displaced, and also the roughness of the top part also contrasts too much with the detailed rendering in the bottom, which kind of makes the piece not as cohesive overall.


Bakanekonei #1: Both of your pieces have superb technique, but this one just works better. The colors you use for the lights don't really made the mood any less tormenting, and the surreal aspects of the fish and light squares really makes me wonder, and the more I wonder, the more I see the figures beneath the water, the more I feel the torment. The water is really really beautifully done here. The border is nice, but I feel that the bottom could transition a bit better into the muddy ground. #2 Once again, the piece is excellent, but the colors and texturing really do not bring forth the "torment" feel at all. The idea is a interesting one, but I feel the execution just didn't work well. It also looks like you were only able to spend so much time on this one compared to the first.

fpg Awesome piece, the colors and variations in darkness work really well to bring about the mood that you set. The rendering on the demon is superb, but in some other places (especially the wings) they feel fairly rushed and don't fit so well. I think you can really work the lighting a bit more, like, make the lights a bit stronger, and give off more glow and reflections. Really play off the strong contrast between the darkness and the glowing red light sources. I also dont' quite see where purple light source on the angel is coming from, is it her glow? It looks more like there's a light being cast on her back, but I don't see the light source.

blond I absolutely love the idea here, although the humor kind of takes away from the idea of torment. I think even though your concept was great, the execution didn't really bring out the theme very well, especially since the colors and style really make this more comical than tormenting. The rendering itself is excellent, although I think a few texture brusshes in areas like the fabric on the spacesuit and the desert would really push the piece more. The sun also feels a bit, bland. Maybe since its so hot, the sky/sun could be distorted a bit?

munk3yboy The more I look at this, the more I think there's some kind of correlation between the blind folded guy, the eyes floating in the cauldron, and the girl whispering into his ear. To me, this almost seems like a piece about some kind of really bad relationship, where one can't really speak one's mind or see the relationship clearly, and is completely dominated by the other. The rendering is really well done in this piece, except I find it odd that everything is rendered without outlines except the two demons, which look very cartoony. The spear blades and eyes are really well done. However, like Blond's, the demons sort of add this really whimsical feel to the piece, which takes away from the core theme.

FrecusI actually have a hard time trying to figure exactly what you are going for there. I think the part I'm missing is what exactly those things going into her mouth and hands are. The piece itself presents a very painful and wierd situation, but there's this part that just feels like it needs to be clearer. That doesn't mean mysteriousness is bad, is just that here I feel like the piece would be stronger if the viewers knew, or had a good idea what those things might be. Her reaction also seems like it could be worked on more. Facial expressions go a long way in expressing mood, so really giving her the expression you want to present would really help. Technique wise, the lines are good, but you can use more line variation. The anatomy is a bit off, so it might be good to use a reference next time. The clothing texture feels very wierd. Finally, I feel the color pencils don't really do much to the piece, it might have worked better in just black and white.

bigyellowlegoman I don't really see this as much as torment, as just plain scary. I guess if you're going for the tormenting the viewer approach, rather than have the viewer sympathize with what's going on in the piece? I don't think the cel shading works too well here, but the dynamic contrast is really great. I think this would look really great if you painted it in Painter or Photoshop, but still retained the current look and colors.

SemaJay I think the idea works, but the execution just doesn't really pull it through. The comical style and flat colors really make this seem more like one of those cartoons that make jokes out of pain and suffering, so it really doesn't make the audience feel torment. In a piece that's supposed to call forth emotion from the subconscious, sometimes its not enough to just have a idea that makes a person think 'torment', but rather, they have to be able to feel it too. I think adding some shading would be a good first step.

5te Did you actually paint this or did you use a lot of actualy pictures? Either way, the overall presentation is great, although it'd be even more amazing if you actually rendered the whole thing though. Forgive me if you actually drew the entire thing. The colors work really well here, but the clouds feel a bit cheap. They work for the distant ones, but I think for some of the closer ones, you need to go in and really adjust it with a brush. One thing that really sticks out to me is the large nail that the guy is stuck to (hah, pun...) The sharpness on that just doens't fit in with the rest of the peice, and makes it look blurry. The spider webs are really well inserted, and makes the piece fit together really well.

CaptainSnafu Awesome idea, it'd be cliche, except for the fact that he is being unravelled in such an interesting way, and the fact that the hooks that are unravelling him are so angelic because of their light. The hooks have a very holy feel to them, and it almost gives a sense of how Religion can be both salvation and torment. The texture on the pants are excellent, but around the hands, it falls kind of flat and they look sort of mud-like. The lighting is good and the color selection is excellent. I think any more colors would dilute the piece too much, so its great that you kept it almost monotone.

OpenTheGrave This is a photo manip right? I like how well done the blood on the shirt is, but around the face and the horns, it just doesn't feel like they fit into the piece anymore. They just look very photoshopped. Overall, I don't really feel the torment, its kind of like bigyellowlegoman's, where its more scary/wierd, than really torment. For some reason, I almost feel like this piece could be more interesting if you didn't use red. You already have so much 'hell' like references, that it'd be cool to see how everything would look in a color that's not traditionally associated with evil and suffering. That's purely experimental though, and overall, I'd just suggest on work on your skills a bit more.

Vajura Personally, I feel that time as a source of torment is a bit of a cliche. Other than that, the rendering is great, especially the cracked ground, which really feels scorched and harsh. I think it'd be more interesting to really render the clock to be all shiny and metallic, more symmetrical, and in general, be kind of symoblic of how perfect and clean time is, then contrast with the roughly textured, destroyed man hanging from it. I also feel the rendering on the skin is a bit rough, and you can definately use a bigger brush at some parts and clean it up a bit.
I think the B/W tone works, but it'd be interesting to see it in another monotone color.

te shok What really struck me about this piece is how well rendered the little eye sucking mechanism is, while the rest is rendered almost like melting clay. Anyways, I'm not really sure what the idea is, but I think I sort of get some sense of it. Once again, I feel like the funny face and the overall colors and style make this look too humorous. The rendering on the hands, shirt, etc, are really rough. I think you can have some parts look like melting paint, but its good to try to fix some places down to be more realistically rendered.
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