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Old 03-02-2016, 01:54 AM   #1
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Default Trump Supporters

You guys wanted controversy...any Trump supporters on here? Or even anyone loosely on the fence about him?

His rhetoric is concerning and it boggles my mind that he's a front runner, but I'd be very interested to have a level headed discussions about him with a supporter and pick their brain.

Edited for wording.
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Old 03-02-2016, 02:21 AM   #2
night painter
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Normally I feel I'm a pretty empathetic guy, and that I can understand most people's motivations, even if I don't agree with them.

I have no idea how or why people support Trump, other than a vaguely white-supremacist, fascist-leaning undercurrent.

Seriously, I feel ISIS has a better reason for what they do than Drumph does for what he says.
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Old 03-02-2016, 05:58 PM   #3
Agent Cryrid
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There's at least some percentage of supporters who don't necessarily agree with him, but they hate what the whole system has become and think he's the biggest F-U that they can send to both parties and what they've become.

The man is a clown, but what are the options? On one side the alternatives seem to be just as hate-able, either wanting to push their religion down the country's throat or undo everything that Obama did simply because he's Obama. On the other side it's looking like the democratic party is doing everything that it can to make sure that their own candidate is who they want it to be, and no one else. Someone who, at the very best, seems like a highly untrustworthy representation of the political establishment that people have come to hate.

Ultimately you're going to wind up having to choose between two people who are as rich as they are disingenuous, riding off the fame and power of an inherited name. The only winners are going to be the people who are already financially sitting at the top. My guess is that if people feel that they have to choose a side to let them down, they're going to side with the guy throwing wild hyperboles that no one could possibly believe. That way they'll be less disappointed when things don't play out the way Trump exaggerates them to, or if they do somehow manage to play out then at least this way they can be entertained while getting bent over.
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Old 03-25-2016, 09:53 AM   #4
The Unsmiling
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Originally Posted by unstable_monki
His rhetoric is concerning and it boggles my mind that he's a front runner, but I'd be very interested to have a level headed discussions about him with a supporter and pick their brain.
I haven't read any of the replies as I don't want them diluting my initial thoughts:

Here's my thought: Trump is Trump. He isn't playing the political game of catering to the ideas of the upper-class and making empty promises to the middle-class and completely ignoring the poor (ok ... he might be ignoring the poor). Hilary Clinton scares me far more than Trump. She flip flops and no one ever notices. She doesn't care about the poor at all - unless you're talking about an under-developed country.

Cruiz has some serious issues that Trump is exposing that no one seems to notice. No, not his status as citizen. His emotional status. He feeds into everything Trump says and comes back swinging. He's messed up and wouldn't serve well as a president.

Trump doesn't worry me - he's not doing anything different than he's been doing for many years and he's always done it very publicly. Am I a supporter? If I have to choose between Clinton, Cruiz, and Trump I think I'd have to go with Trump.

No. I don't like that other Republican either. What's his name who or the Ohio guy either. I'm mostly anti-Republican. It's only fair, they are mostly anti-poor and refuse to do anything meaningful to end poverty. We're just supposed to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and start a business and send all the labor overseas and people in other countries live in abject poverty. It's not realistic - really it's not.

I probably won't be back to check for replies as I can't be bothered to use the internet but once a month and even that's an annoyance (I have to check and see how my son is doing in school).

I'd say I love you all ... but I'm not cuddly that way.
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Old 04-20-2016, 05:19 PM   #5
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Originally Posted by Anyte
I'd say I love you all ... but I'm not cuddly that way.
D'aww! That almost takes the sting out of the crappy decision we are most likely going to have to make on election day... Oh well. I'm still hoping Bernie can make it to the nomination. =P

As far as Trump goes... I still can't tell if he seriously believes everything he says considering what he's said about Republicans in the past. Either way he'd be a terrible choice for president, and Cruz is worse.
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Old 04-22-2016, 05:21 PM   #6
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Please don't elect Trump as your president. speaking on behalf of the rest of the rest of the ******* world PLEASE don't ******* do it. the George W Bush joke was reasonably witty the first time, but got rather tiresome when you re-elected him. #sersly just ******* don't. that pish is not funny any more.

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