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Default Hey! Revisiting my favorite forum.

I recognize a whole lot of names and avatars. Feels kind of neat to be back, even though the site isn't as active as it used to be. Anyway, to open the writing forum back up, here is the first part of a novel I'm working on:

(Aisuru still here?)

A lazy breeze rolled over a vast field of towering green stalks. Their golden heads wavered. Their drooping leaves lifted briefly to sing a chorus of summer. Silk-tipped ears of corn bobbed as their stalks bent, all in unison and toward the horizon. A ridge of yonder-veiled mountains howled in return. Shadow fell over the landscape as a body of clouds masked the sun. The green scent of a far-flung forest passed by. The breeze fell away with the clouds and the stalks regained their composure. Light flooded the field and the stink of hot dirt arose. The sun shone down heartily, warming the dirt beneath a hundred padded feet. As the rustling of leaves quieted, people’s voices could be heard again.

They sang this song::

Tell me o’ th’day
Till me all day long
Tell me o’ th’day
Thread me as a throng

Pass me on your stepping
Spare me foolish wiles
Hey! The hills’re beck’ning
Lay, we rest a while

Tell me o’ th’day
Till me all day long
Tell me o’ th’day
Thread me as a throng

Touch’d e’er twixt stretches
A sighing yaw ‘gain rises
Feel me follow b’low arches
And give way t’your devices

Let ‘er up!
To-while, to-while
Let ‘er down!
To-while, to-while
Fetter sup!
To-while, to-while
A while from home!
A while to go
A while to go
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Originally Posted by TheKosmonaut
(Aisuru still here?)
naw, but am ur.
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rockin' bodies!
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Hey guys!
"That's OK, because now you are like, a pro. Pros can do anything. Like, eat a cheeseburger without using a napkin. That would be cool." -Professor AZ

That Black Nerd
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Terrestris Veritas
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Oh snap, do I sense a revival coming on? And welcome back Kos.
My demons are a bit different!
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