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9mm is a better caliber than .45 ACP in pistols. And the AR-15 is an ugly, unergonomic rifle that people spend way too much money on like it's the grown-up, redneck version of Barbie.

I'd say the US doesn't really need more gun control, it needs gun control reform. Toss all the per-state crap, toss out a whole bunch of laws (especially 922r. What does making ten parts on your gun being American-made have to do with serving the public interest other than making gun manufacturers happy?) There shouldn't be any stupid things like the "certain number of evil features", gun flowcharts to see whether your gun is legal, and lists of banned guns (and gun manufacturers? More loopholes than a sieve.

- Guns should require a gun license. In addition, guns should require registration. Just like cars. You keep the registration with the gun. You show up to the range with a gun, you show them your license and registration. You do something incredibly stupid, your license gets suspended.
- Gun license test should include a learner's permit requirement. You get that, you go to a range, you sign up for a gun learner's class. Basic instruction like "the gun is always loaded" and "finger off the trigger" and "use the damn safety".
- Other people may use your weapons if they are not qualified for them, provided you are attending them at all times. Feel free to teach your kid or your wife (sorry, but it always seems to be men that buy into the US gun mythos) how to kill paper and small furry animals.
- Guns can be transferred with a transfer of title form similar to a car.
- If you lose a gun, you MUST report it. Just like a lost car.
- You should be able to upgrade your license by taking tests / showing reason you need said upgrade. For example, if you have a restraining order filed against someone, you could apply for concealed carry. This should stretch across the entire US. The base license, able to be grabbed at age 18, is a rifle / shotgun license. At 21, you can apply for a handgun license. Again, just like upgrading your license for cars to drives trucks or motorbikes.
- FFL / C&R should be considered upgrades to a base license.
- The "dangerous" stuff, like short rifles and shotguns, destructive devices (ATF-defined), and silencers should be applied on a per-license basis. Not a per-item basis. A silencer is literally not much more that a metal can with a few washers welded inside. It shouldn't cost $200 in added tax.
- The machine guns and explosives (ATF "destructive devices") upgrades are not given out without very good reasons.

I'd say GamerGate is a load of sexist, rightwingnut bull, but I don't think that's actually controversial anymore.
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