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hmm i think it might depend on whether you're in a threatening situation... I had a finger broken while I was swordfighting once, my opponent's sword landed square on my finger full force and broke it, but i literally didnt feel anything and kept going, and even fought one more person before it started to hurt. you'll also find many stories of people horribly maimed but they could keep going especially out of sheer panic until the danger is over, the instinct of self preservation is very powerful.

But i think you can still pull this one off, but you have to exaggerate his pose and maybe have the camera more closeup with some horrible images of the injury to really convey to the audience that it's a horrifying injury to the character, and that he is seriously in shock, because right now he looks only like in mild pain and the injury doesn't look that bad on the screen.
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Ast, once again, you are very insightful (I did not know you did sword fighting, that's pretty badass)

So I came up with this

Now I gotta figure out how to put it in the page.
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