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Default N-SU judging thread (final winners posted!)

The final winners:

third place: traum4
second place: darkreaver
first place: lancer.evox.2k

Congrats to the winners!

Details are in post #5 if you're so inclined.


The judges:
-Miss Wiggle
-xion valkyrie

a note: you'll be required to select your top 3, as well as briefly explain your reasoning behind your selections. In the past some judges have commented on all of the submissions, but that's not necessary unless you want to.

deadline for your selections is April 15.

Replies from judges only! all other posts will be deleted.

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BANNED? You tell me?
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It was a little tough to judge this time, because there were a lot of entries I liked AND they were all on theme. I usually use that to help narrow it down, but most people did a good job of sticking on topic this time.

3rd- Mai
It's clearly on theme, and a pretty clever idea (even if hanzozuken did essentially the same thing and submitted first). It's a simple style, but I like it, and it fits the image. I like the coloring also, and the image overall has that kind of storybook illustration feel. I see you have some bricks in there, but it would have been nice to see some sort of reference to the other two pigs in there.

2nd- jeco
It's a pretty simple idea, but it's certainly on theme, and it's very well rendered. I think everything is painted well, but they feel a little separate. It's more like a collage of photoreferenced images than a complete, whole image. Still, everything relates to the theme you were going for, and it is well done.

1st- Darkreaver
Again, this clearly fits the theme, and it is exceptionally painted. I really love this painting style, and your choice of colors is excellent as always. I like how you contrast the oranges and yellows with the blues and purples. I do like how you separated the structure from the background and fish with the colors, but I think maybe you could have pushed it just a little further. The background is clearly further back, but the fish don't pop out quite as much as I think they could. I think it might have helped if you had used some more orange in the coloring of the pillars in the foreground. That'd help separate out the middle ground from the foreground a little better. Other than that, I don't see anything particularly wrong.
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Best combination ever
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There were definately a lot of entries that were very on theme this time around, so it was kind of hard to choose.

3rd - Mai
This one amused me greatly. The poses you chose for the wolves and the way you drew the pig really makes it very hilarious, as well as perfectly on theme. The linework is well done (although you should probably adjust the darkness a bit in PS) but I think the color pencils don't make this piece as strong as it should be.

2nd - Darkreaver
A really beautiful piece. I think if you didn't add the hearts in, it'd be kind of a cliche idea, but the hearts really add a wierd twist to it that make it unique. I kind of wish you spent a bit more time in detailing the foreground though, especially on the fish. I'd really like to seem some smaller details and what not to make the fish and the girl pop out a bit more against the background.

1st - lancer.evox.2k
Completely hilarious. I'd feel bad if I didn't give you first place based on effort alone, but the finished product is a riot, and I feel it fits the theme really well too. It's hard for me to crit this, since it's a flash animation, so this is all I can say.

Crits for the rest:

Hanzuken: I actually like the baby bursting out of the alien a lot, but I think the colors are a bit on the weak side. The rendering on the little red riding hood one is also a bit weak. The lineart is good though. If you work on your colors a bit, the alien one would have been a winner.

ph-eonix: I really don't quite get this one. It's cute and all, but I don't quite get the radioactive apple. I think smoother linework with less rough lines would help with the style you're going for.

jeco: Like Al said, the 3 components are rendered a bit too differently for it to fit together as a single piece. I'm also not really digging how you placed the penguin and the polar bear in relationship to each other and the background. The rendering itself is nice, but I feel you can go a bit sharper in details.

ixion: I don't think this fit the theme that well. It's cool to see you doing the lighting that way, but I think you can go with a bit more contrast, considering how dark the background is. I don't think you even need the outlines of the cats to show up, just having glowing eyes would work better.

ury2ok2000: I'm really not sure what's going on here. It looks like a flower growing out of pavement? I like the lighting effect and the floor textures, but overall I just don't quite get it.

darkstalker1: I really like the level of rendering you have in both your pieces, especially the figures in the first one and the waterfall in the 2nd. Both of them are really strange, a bit too strange for me. In the first one, I feel the placement of your characters seem a bit random, and I can't quite find the central idea you were going for. The second one is just strange period lol. I feel like the colors and lighting you use for your figures don't quite fit with the colors and lighting you use for the background.

gold_tangerine: This one was a bit hard to follow, the frame transitions just didn't feel logical to me at the top. Anyways, I feel like the punchline just doesn't quite work here. The buildup just doesn't seem right. I like the design you used for the female character, it's very distinct but feels very consitantly drawn.

dharc: Heh, I didn't think Spawn was such a pansy. I think you should have kept all 4 panels on a single page, that'd have been a lot more effective, maybe even as a 4 koma. In fact, I feel like this would be a lot stronger if it was done in a style of a simplifed 4 panel comic. You still have a lot of room for improvement in the linework, but good try.

Finish the rest tommorrow
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Hapless Ninny
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Sorry for the late judgery, peeps. Here's my picks.

#1 Erq
This picture is well designed and well executed conceptually and technically. In the end it was the concept that really won me over to this piece. It's backed up by the way you drew it. I love the lines in his beard and..well just all over the piece. It really helps portray the rediculousness of the scenario. It's stylised and it works.

#2 Traum - Darth Vader
Flower picking, eh? The design here is excellent. The composition keeps my eyes going around the picture, and I especially love how those flowers he's holding just pop. Awesome colors too. Great work.

#3 Darkreaver
I really love the color theory going on in this one. The orange and the blues really work. I was left wondering, though where the water was exactly. It looks almost as though she's in front of a big fish tank, but the larger fish in the foreground suggest they could be directly over here. I couldn't really make sense of it, which may not exactly be a bad thing, but it left me puzzled a bit.

Honorable Mentions

Yours was very close to being in my top 3. Conceptually, I loved it. The light in front of the girl really caught my attention and it has a very ethereal quality to it. If the execution were more tidied up it would have been way killer. Good work.

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From the popular vote:

lancer.evox.2k (20)
traum4 (15)
erq (7)

a note: judge votes for first, second, and third places were scored 3, 2, and 1 points respectively. The entry with the highest sum score is first, and so on. Ties score-wise were broken by taking the one with the highest popular vote.

and without ado the final results:

third place: traum4 2 + 2 = 4 (vote: 15)
second place: darkreaver 3 + 2 + 1 = 6 (vote: 5)
first place: lancer.evox.2k 3 + 3 = 6 (vote: 20)

Congratulations to all those who won, and thanks everyone for participating

until next time!
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