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Old 04-24-2019, 12:08 AM   #81
coins in a wishing well.
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I was just talking to my partner about the good ol' days of pkbbs. I miss staying up until 3am drawing and trawling this board. It was a great community before the bulletin board format died out.

I switched from drawing to music, am finally making a debut release on the 31st of May!
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Old 05-06-2019, 01:41 PM   #82
Not here, not now.
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It's funny how much I wish these style of boards were more popular. I browse reddit a lot, but I hate how it's big to the point where you dont get to know anyone. Then there's discord, but i hardly do more than lurk, and facebook and twitter are awful to make a community from my experience. Something Awful is probably the only board i still see activity in. Boards leave a history better than a subreddit can
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Old 07-04-2019, 02:32 PM   #83
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IM ALIVE GUYS / darinlmckisic@gmail.com
My Art
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Old 08-19-2019, 09:39 AM   #84
rockin' bodies!
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I constantly check back here to see who decides to bump this thread. I think about this place so much. I recently got into my old tripod account and saw the pages I did for an old FC. I don't think there could be another thing like pkbbs. Looking at how trash my art was, and how good the other participants in the FC were, it's crazy no one was ever like "nah, bro I don't want to draw with you". That kind of community is unbelievable.

Side note: Is there an archive of the Eboard days?
"That's OK, because now you are like, a pro. Pros can do anything. Like, eat a cheeseburger without using a napkin. That would be cool." -Professor AZ

That Black Nerd
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Old 10-12-2019, 01:17 PM   #85
Master of rubbish art.
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Just a heads up, its been a while since i updated here, part of the problem is that my AV and the work AV goes crazy warning that there is a security issue on this website. its keeping me away from this site.

I do art here and there, but its slowing down as i'm getting increasingly art blocked and its not budging. Getting sick of constantly studying for little enjoyment. Questioning whether to just do something else.

I'm on the PB discord though. lurking every once in a while!
Thought of the day:

"Life is one great journey. Shame about the destination"
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