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The Mutated Enigma
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Default Mizuha:: The Ninja Academy

-The smells of nature dance gently on your senses as you make your way through the epaceful island of Light. The sun beams down gently through the canopy, gently caressing you with fingers of warmth as dappled shafts of light play across your face. The earth is spongy and rich beneth your feet, yielding a little with each step. It seems the very earth itself wishes you a pleasant journey, and the sound grows louder in your ears. A sound of serene power, ageless rejuvination, gentle fury.
Suddenly, the forest breaks off, and you find yourself on the top of a hill, looking over a peaceful village. Shops, bars and resteraunts mix in with the crowd of houses, surrouded by a great wall, at least two dozen foot hight. it is nestled againt a cliff, And the sound is given form. A huge waterfall, powering as it has down for centuries, millenia, aeons. You can faintly hear the sound of children playing in the streets, and the sound of adults shouting.
You make your way into the vilage, looking around with a vague sense of awe. Men and women work hard here, fixing houses, shouting out what goods they have for sale, sounds of perfect synchonicity.
"Good morning." a voice speaks from behind you, and you turn with a start. Where had this person come from?
The figure is tall and lanky, with jet black hair and an easy smile. He wears a vest lined with pockets for various tools and items. Across his forehead he wears a small metal plate on a strip of cloth, depicting an image, three vertical lines above a thicke horizontal one.
"What is this place?" you ask the stranger
"This is Mizuha. The village of ninjas"

::Short Side of The Story::
- You are a student in the ninja academy and you gotta do what they do in the ninja academy basically. Untill the big tournament.

People In This FC::
-Daisuke (The Old Me)
-Bahamut Flare

-Ok I am almost finish with the pages and I should be getting it up soon. I am coloring the first page now and adding the speech bubbles with text. So expect to see the first page soon.

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Just give me, ME!
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Send a message via AIM to ReddDragon7

If this FC is still open for artists, I'll join it with you. Since most of the other ones I have been in have seemingly died....
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Daisuke, is that list the order of people doing the pages? And I sketched out Kazeka's costume. :P

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The Mutated Enigma
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Yeah thats the order,and your character is looking good..........my character is going to be on her like ugly on a ape. Anyway I will try to get the rest of the pages up later.
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