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King of the pond
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I think you are wrong about the number of contests. Personally I like these not-so-serious contests where you actually have chance of winning. I liked the length of the preparation time we had this time. I'm not entirely sure how long it was, but I had enough time to 1 notice there was one, 2 think of a subject matter, 3 contemplate if I could / should participate, 4 make my entry.
I have an 8-to-4 job (non-art-related) and a wife that is studying for her Masters, which means I do the cleaning and the cooking and have a healthy social life. Unless people have kids to take care of as well I seriously doubt that people are really too busy to participate. More likely they are not motivated enough to be bothered.

More similar contests would be good. If there would always be something going on with a longer deadline, you wouldnt have to wonder when the next one was coming along and miss it once it did.

I think the real problem is that polykarbon only has a very small active community. I myself have been away for long stretches of time and popped in every once in a while to see what's going on.

I also liked the idea of having a set number of entries before judging.
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One of 'em crazies
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@random: I agree with your assessment of my work completely. (I admit it was one of those speedpaints. xD) But yes, I'm very unhappy with the sketchy way the figures and stuff turned out. In fact, I'm so unhappy I'll tighten it up in photoshop later. Glad the colors turned out alright though.

The casual approach everyone has to these contests is the reason why I like and dislike them at the same time. (Unless I'm the only one who had a casual approach, in which case I'm really shooting myself in the foot here.)

Limiting it to a number of places might backfire... Good pieces take long to finish and by the time they do, the spots may have all been filled by sub par rush work. Maybe not though, only one way to find out.

I'm okay with the current system and frequency of it. In fact, I want moarmoarmoarmoarmoarr. 8D It breaks the monotony a bit.
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BANNED? You tell me?
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Astrapho makes a good point about the contest limit, but I think we could modify the idea to make it work. When the tenth entry is received, announce the contest is ending, and then you have a time limit to finish. A week is probably fine, considering you should have been working on it if you're serious about entering. I think you should still have a month minimum (in case a lot of people churn out entries and fill the spots right away), and set a maximum time limit so we don't have a perpetual contest that no one is interested in completing. Ten is a nice number, but judging from a lot of current contests, seems high.

And about the speedpaint thing... doesn't bother me. Darkreaver's speedpaints don't look unfinished to me. To me, it's not about how fast you're able to do something, but how well the end product turns out.
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Hapless Ninny
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:( I'm going to admit that mine was a speedpaint as well. I saw the entries already posted, I wanted to see at least another one entered, and went to town. I realize my theme wasn't fully actualized due to time constraints on my part, though I did try to render something I had not yet attempted and threw myself into it pretty heavily. In the end, though, I wasn't thinking of the prize as much as I just wanted to throw my piece into the mix to help the contest outcome to be more diverse. In the end, it's about the fun of participating, not bragging rights.

if you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.

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Professor Az
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Originally Posted by r@nd0m-lamb
Where there are no prizes, there still can be punishment. For example: a person who voted for the winning theme and fails to enter the contest would get banned. I never understood voting for the topic of contests (which was avoided this time) when votes were being cast by people who didn't really show interest in participating. So basically the theme we were working on was chosen by outsiders (here, I need to say that the theme I voted for always won (at least I think) so there is no personal injury included it this statement)
Since you said you were going to participate in this contest, but didn't turn in an entry, are you willing to lead by example and be banned?

'Cos, you know, like, that can be arranged.
"No good deed goes unpunished." - Clare Booth Luce
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