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Default Aires Aura

Well, I was asked about this effect and went kinda in depth for a mock.

Might as well share it. I promise to post images when availble.

Mock Aura & Beams tutorial.

I make a large circle near the center of a peice and name the layer ambience. I go to the filter _Blur and choose gaussion and select a setting to make the solid circle appear to have faded edges or been airbrushed.

Now that we have that. I make a new layer. In that layer I use the the polygon selection tool and start tracing triangle from the center of the circle. I fill the selection with black.

I repeat the process of creating layers, selections and fillings until I believe i have a basic layout for the rays.
(or you could just take the original black layer, dublicate it and rotate it.)

I merge the black layers together. I hide the sphere. I use the alpha channel (seperating line art tutorial in Pk) to make a selection. Unhide the sphere and choose that layer. I delete the selection. and I should have the "beginning" of the beams. I perform another blur to soften the cut.

Discard the black layer.

I define the beams by making speed lines. (again, Pats tutorials) in a seperate layer.

Use these lines to outline it. I set the opactiy of the layer around 30%. It should be enoguh to define, but not enough to stick out. I play with it unitl
its just right.

Thats how I get my "auras." Or the beam effect.
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can u please show a example of a aura or beam
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yes...can you post an exsemple of what you get in the end or somtink...
please !!!

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