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Dr. Zoinksman
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I usually do. WHen I'm working on my painting I hit it so often even if it's something small.
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christmas squid
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Originally Posted by darkreaver
r.lamb: hm, not exactly sure what you mean...how could it have been worded to be more encouraging then? in any case, if anyone had mentioned this earlier, perhaps this problem could have been rectified.
It's not about wording. It's about the subject matter. Everybody eagerly voted up this cool idea. But once they had to come up with a solution I like to believe that there was nothing more left for them than to shrug off. Don't get me wrong, the idea was good, I liked it. However, it's highly imagination based and affords divergent thinking (which, to the contrary of what many around here believe, doesn't come easy).
I just felt that unless you have a kickass idea to work with any participation seemed useless. As opposed to previous contests where symbolism came just as a bonus.

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given the low turnout, i've decided to forego the voting and trophies...i've also contacted the people who submitted, all (two of three) who have gotten back to me so far agree with this. Hopefully next contest will garner more interest =(

r.lamb: thanks for the clarification...something to think about.
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The turnout was really that low? :/ I think we need some new blood. Maybe we should try and leech more from other places, promote the place on our blogs/personal sites/deviantarts/twitters/etc?
I know I should participate more often than I do, which is pretty much never, but I genuinely do get really busy when these things come around. I had an idea for this one, like I've had ideas for many of the past competitions. I'll try harder to get involved next time.
sketchexchange Prof and jeco
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