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Default Hikaros is 'Loosening Up!' [Updated 10/20/07]

I'm hoping to become more comfortable with form and color, but I never practice enough. Sooo, sketchbook! It seems like the perfect idea to keep trucking.
I started by doodling a lot with the tablet, I'm still not comfortable with Photoshop:

Photoshop was only fun when my brush size was around 2, so I didn't have much room for experimentation. Then I played with some OC, I really like the pencil tool.

I'll probably upload some older, actual sketchbook drawings at some point. I usually feel better working with a real pencil, but I'm starting to get close with these. All input appreciated!

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Old 10-20-2007, 09:15 PM   #2
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Alright, got some sketchbook drawings scanned and cleaned up a little.

For this one I used a statue as reference for the horse. The guy in back, however, I doodled in later without access to the statue:

This is the usual lot:

.. And cross-hatching/landscape practice (No reference, unfortunately):

I think I'll work on drawing from life, that tends to be an issue for me. I rely on my previous knowledge too often when I draw.
C&C appreciated!
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I like your stuff I am surprised I have never noticed it before and once again nice.
Your hatching is frigging sweet. I saw you on the SE partner finding Thread. Would you like to team up and have a go at one?
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